Desert Daze 2013 Artist Spotlight: Death Hymn Number 9 Desert Daze 2013 Artist Spotlight: Death Hymn Number 9

dhWith a bayou backstory ripe with gory tales of unkept rest stops, Motown backs and unkind death before moving to Los Angeles to shuck and jive their rock n rattle rage with the rest of the nation’s zombies, Death Hymn Number 9 might seem a strange way to start talking about the psych wonder of this year’s Desert Daze festival until you consider what so many of us see, feel and rabidly emulate when shitfaced and under the influence of some seriously questionable (and unquestionably serious) hallucinogenics at which point it’s a friggin’ no brainer. In blood makeup and a furiously reckless infection, Death Hymn Number 9 take all that is wrong with the kids today and their lazy, diminutive use of the garage/punk aesthetic and party stabs it in the face over and over and over again until there’s nothing left but pap and the screams of a dozen new fans. I wish I was in this band. Their new record comes out on Alternative Tentacles in May but you can stream all of their earlier work, Smokestack Frightening below. We suggest you do so.

Tickets for Desert Daze 2013 can still be procured here. We also just learned that Oasis Palms is offering Desert Daze GA ticket holders a four-person campsite for $22 and transportation to and from the festival which is a pretty friggin’ choice deal. You can learn more about the Oasis here.


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