Desert Daze 2013 Artist Spotlight: Cosmonauts Desert Daze 2013 Artist Spotlight: Cosmonauts

cosmonauts-featuredIt consistently enrages me that people still hype that junkie shitbird Anton Newcombe and his consistently uninspired output as figurehead of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. I mean, seriously, fuck that guy. It’s like he’s made an entire career out of replicating all the Stones B-Sides your mother never listened to no matter how high she and her commune got back in her loose-lipped days before the plague and people eat it up. Meanwhile, there are bands like Cosmonauts who are alive and kicking up the desert rock acid jams in a brooding blackboot style that owes as much to the 60s Michigan militia as it does to the dashiki daze. Apparently, Burger’s got their back now so I’d say they stand a fighting chance of melting faces better than the best of them for a good long minute to come which is good because America needs her dirty, drugged up weirdness played loud and long and often. Death to wanton megalomaniacs!

Tickets for Desert Daze 2013 can still be procured here. Tickets can also be had day of for $40 (if you arrive early enough). Oasis Palms is offering Desert Daze GA ticket holders a four-person campsite for $22 and transportation to and from the festival which is a pretty friggin’ choice deal. You can learn more about the Oasis here.


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