Delta Spirit – Granada – Dallas TX Delta Spirit – Granada – Dallas TX

Photos by Sean Berry Photography


Ed. Note: There’s more arena pop and electric yawp to this band than I expected. Did I miss something? I must have. Or is the old SoCal sugar-sweet sun pulling a fast one over the concrete cowpoke? It doesn’t matter one iota, I suppose as The Delta Spirit – as they are now, riding fast on the hot heels of the wax slab, Into the Wide – are a fresh force for the kid heartbroke and beholden to the language of titans, the ideologies of the American (inside) joke just yearning at the end of the day to dance and sing and swing the ropes that bind good men to hard luck and dumb fate like a sling. Ah. It’s refreshing to hear the rocks root again in a sound so big you’d swear U2 hadn’t turned invasive species. I know, it’s a sin but let’s forget what your Apple says and focus, instead, on the greatness ahead. Sean Berry testifies to the beatific. Now, please dig, if you will, his pictures. Rockit.

Pics of Delta Spirit – Granada – Dallas TX

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