Delorean – Ayrton Senna EP Delorean – Ayrton Senna EP

Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP

Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP

It may seem strange, with summer being almost over, to be talking about an EP which exudes sun, sand and sea. But Spanish electro pop act Delorean have crafted a work that transcends a mere of the moment joy. Whilst sparkly pop acts like Passion Pit and Empire Of The Sun might have songs that seem perfectly fitting for your blissfully relaxing summer, such times pass. The time must come when you return from your expensive week in the sun, and settle back into the regularity of normal life, go to work, and pay the bills.

Not exactly “Walking On A Dream”, then. What makes Ayrton Senna EP special is that it’s ready to be played whatever the occasion. I honestly can’t imagine when this EP would be inappropriate, on “Deli” for instance, where warm chugging bass is combined with delay drenched guitars and a combination of dreamy vocals to glorious effect. Not that “Ayrton Senna” can’t or shouldn’t be the perfect accompaniment to your blissed out summer, on the contrary, one can nearly smell the sun cream when listening. Almost like a slightly more optimistic !!!, Delorean maintain the pace on the punchy “Monsoon”, a synth-laden pop number that resembles New Order if they’d ever cracked a smile. Follow up “Seasun” delivers a mellowed out piano anthem, which only shows to demonstrate how little fat there is on this EP. It really is packed with as much optimism and quality as is possible, and one which genuinely has the potential to gain fans from across the musical spectrum.

Barcelona DJ John Talabot lends a carefree, if a little repetitive, remix to the EP. It still manages to hold it’s own, however for an EP with only four other tracks, hearing one of them again stretched out for a few extra minutes might not have been the best choice. It still manages to stick together though, and what should feel like rough splinter instead melds perfectly well with the rest of the tracks here. Digital bonus track Big Dipper is probably one of the better tracks on offer here, with some seriously 90’s sounding piano lines being delivered with echoing female background vocals. Again, youthfulness and optimism are the order of the day, “”Babe, if you want to we could run away up into the sun.” It reminds me slightly of the latest Bloc Party single, although that probably isn’t doing the track credit. The unmistakeable sound of the 90’s coupled with strings brings “Ayrton Senna” to a close, with “Big Dipper” sounding not unlike Air France or other dreap pop contemporaries. It’s like you’ve made up the good times that this EP will soundtrack in your head before you’ve lived them.

A fantastic and surprising little EP that will make the perfect soundtrack not only to your summer days with cold beers, but also to any of your chilled out evenings.

1. Deli
2. Moonsoon
3. Seasun
4. Seasun (John Talabot’s Kids & Drums Remix)
5. Big Dipper

Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP, reviewed by Lemon on 2009-08-13T10:59:42-07:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

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