Deerhunter- No Age – Dan Deacon @ Rhino’s, IN 8/5/2009 Deerhunter- No Age – Dan Deacon @ Rhino’s, IN 8/5/2009



The premise of these three bands sharing a bill together is pretty awesome. The premise of these three bands combining all of their sets into an unbroken, round robin type affair made me pretty skeptical. But holy hell did it work. With all the members of Deerhunter and No Age on stage, the former’s “Cryptograms” opened the night as a feral noise-beast, and the latter’s “Miner,” while fairly primitive and thin on record, became an overwhelming, pummeling monster with a 200% increase in musicians. These guys are out to destroy on this tour; no woozy, somber droners from Deerhunter, and no left-field sound collages from No Age. Only the loud and fast hits, and in no way was that a bad thing. The kids at Rhino’s all ages youth center got DOWN.

Dan Deacon’s contributions, while a little disconnected from the other two bands due to his physical separation from the stage (and because he wouldn’t be doing either band a favor by adding spastic synthesizer assaults), in no way cut off the flow of the evening. More accurately, he allowed the audience a break from dancing hard so that they could dance violently. The Deacon also led some of the most elaborate mass-audience orchestrations I’ve ever witnessed. First, he had No Age guitarist Randy Randall lead a venue-wide interpretive dance to “Of the Mountains,” which inevitably dissolved into a chaotic rave. Later, a human tunnel exited out one door, snaked around the building, entered another door, and then dissolved into a chaotic rave.

Each band played a few songs on their own (No Age was totally the best), then the evening ended with a community jam on the punk rager “Everybody’s Down.” Basically, these guys created an environment in which it was actually impossible to have a bad time.

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