Deerhunter – Halcyon digest Deerhunter – Halcyon digest

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

Deerhunter – Helicopter
Deerhunter is a slippery beast. Their output of contemporary dreampop/shoegaze has been met with positive accolades. In fact since 2007, it appears that Deerhunter has yet to release a failure or flop of a record. Deerhunter could be the darkhorse of the decade, while always taking high accolades still remain underrated as a consistent and reliable band. Deerhunter releases their fourth proper LP, continuing with the direction announced in the 2008 Microcastle release. The band’s strength lies in their songwriting as well as an ability to be artsy while appearing calm and unconcerned.

2007’s “Cryptograms / Florescent Grey EP” launched Deerhunter onto the mainstream. Before “Cryptograms” was one album full of art punk and little direction. “Cryptograms” gave audiences a chance to relish in contemporary shoegaze with effects heavy drone flooding a lyrical stream of consciousness. One year later, Deerhunter took the style and stripped away a layer of noise to reveal darling gems which retained the same amount of weirdness. Just like “Cryptograms,” “Microcastle” was followed by a companion EP which gave an extended ending to an already decent presentation.

“Halcyon Digest” concerns itself with the invention of memories. The actual term “halcyon” refers to the idyllic memories of one’s past. Singer Bradford Cox uses the term as a collection of abridged memories whether or not remembered fondly. The abstract concept of confabulation is just another normal series of thinking for this Atlanta based band. Deerhunter has never had their feet solidly planted on the ground and for that reason is why they are looked at so fondly.

“Halcyon Digest” is Deehunters lightest album to date. The layers of noise have been reduced to atmospheric accents. There is finally room to breathe as Deerhunter welcomes the addition of a saxophone, 12 string guitar and large negative spaces. This turn for the softer works both ways for the band. One the one hand Cox’s voice is so melancholic and interesting it could possibly be one of Deerhunter’s strongest attributes. On the other, the band has made its living based on exploring noise and the heavy use of effects. I would not be so upset if it wasn’t for the fact they were so good at shoe-gazing. “Cryptograms” gave me something to cling to as I was too young and an ocean away from the original English shoegaze scene. If Cryptograms embraced the noise, Halcyon digest embraces the silence.

Deerhunter has always had something to say and a different way of saying each time. The much publicized troubles which plague the band only give each of these albums a complete backstory. Halcyon Digest may not catch on like “Cryptograms” did but it continues the direction paved by the foursome with their eyes directed to the floor.

Deerhunter-Halcyon Digest Tracklist

Don’t Cry
Memory Boy
Desire Lines
Basement Scene
Fountain Stairs
He Would Have Laughed

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