Photos: Deerhoof @ Echoplex 1-29-11 Photos: Deerhoof @ Echoplex 1-29-11

I think my friend who I took to this show said it best, “Deerhoof = Magic”.

I mean if it’s not for magic I have no other explanation for how the barely 5 foot tall Satomi Matsuzaki can be just as commanding as the shirtless Buddha bellied Tim Harrington who led Les Savy Fav’s rampant run on the same stage one day earlier?

If not for magic how does a band who has been around for 16 years, put out 11 studio albums, countless 7” and splits, still have the energy to do three encores? If not for magic how do you attract a crowd half comprised of youngsters that weren’t old enough to form a cognitive sentence when Deerhoof’s first album was released?

If not for magic how is Deerhoof’s 2011 release “Deerhoof vs. Evil” still every bit as innovative as 2005’s “The Runners Four” which made about every best of list in the free world?

It must be magic. Inspired, inventive, experimental magic that accosts listeners in a way that provokes them to drop whatever preconceived notions they possess about pop and dare them not to conform.

Yep “Deerhoof = Magic”.

Deerhoof @ Echoplex 1-29-11

Photos by Ben Irwin

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