Deerhoof – Deerhoof Vs. Evil Deerhoof – Deerhoof Vs. Evil

Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs. Evil

Deerhoof is a postmodernist’s band. Exquisitely crafted and seemingly senseless, they defy any ready references because they are everything to anyone at each fleeting, frantic moment. They shape and shift and shiver in and out of classical rhetoric, pop sheen, jazz angularity and rock bombast to craft a noisesome joy that is so singular, so extraordinary that it’s almost impossible to describe.

But here’s my dime college try.

If Paul McCartney was an orgone* machinist drinking ether from R. Mutt’s fountain to the sound of a hundred monkeys loving on a harpsichord. If John Zorn was the proprietor of an orphaned girl’s choir school in the Aokigahara Forest*. If Lizst was a hermetic hipster time-traveling into the dream diaries of Jeff Magnum lost somewhere on a catamaran deep in the swollen Indian Ocean. If Brian Wilson was really Mike Love (or vice versa…oooooohhh) and Fight Club was an Amato Opera with libretto by the Ontological Hysterics only Richard Foreman’s a pooka and Jimmy Stewart’s his last American muse.

And your record collection just shot itself in the face.

But LOOK! a bunny.

That’s Deerhoof. All hot blood and cuddle bugs. Here, there and disappeared. But more. So much more. Accomplished. Adult. Contemporary? No, that’s John Tesh, Deerhoof is the future. They always have been. In sixteen years of steadfast experimentation, Deerhoof has always been the band that burned the pale.

On Vs. Evil, though, the purpose seems different. Easy, almost. It’s not the pop art panic attack that their catalog often suggests. Yes, there’s tension and even periodic dissonance but on the whole the experience of this record is a linear one. It’s as if the band is finally taking it easy on us. Maybe they’re just easing up on themselves. Whatever the case, Vs. Evil is a epithet for the strange. A soft invention of maniacs whose wild talent has grown from defiance to triumph in a way I would never expect.

They make sense.

*Melissa suggested I place links for these references in the text. Here’s some Wikipedia:

Aokigahara Forest

1. Qui Dorm, Només Somia
2. Behold A Marvel In The Darkness
3. The Merry Barracks
4. No One Asked To Dance
5. Let’s Dance The Jet
6. Super Duper Rescue Heads!
7. Must Fight Current
8. Secret Mobilization
9. Hey I Can
10. C’moon
11. I Did Crimes For You
12. Almost Everyone, Almost Always

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