Death Grips – The Money Store Death Grips – The Money Store

Kwame says, “Rap is the new Black Metal.”

And he’s right.

At least, I think he is.

To be fair, when he says that, he’s usually talking about Dipset and then, often, referring specifically to Juelz Santana whose lyrical predilection for the unparalleled intimacy of stabbing a motherfucker over the bitch out of popping a cap in someone’s ass was the stuff of much long late night car ride debate (and, curiously, a sentiment shared by a mutual friend’s kindly mother).

But I don’t really know fuck all about rap. I know the early, balls-out stalwarts (Public Enemy, Run DMC, The Geto Boys…sorta) but long before there came a time when Sting had to sing for Diddy and bling was a heralded thing I had pretty much checked out.

Also, I can’t dance for shit.

And, yes, I know there’s a whole lot in between.1

It could be argued that I know even less about Black Metal2 but I’m far less concerned about those chides because, at least, I saw Mayhem once at Wetlands with a skinny filmmaker, some new misogynistic survivalist “friends”3 and a nine foot tall dude dressed like Dune4, I actually kind of like Gorgoroth and that slow-speed Burzum prison escape in a fucking STATION WAGON is the best thing to happen to music in…well…pretty much ever so I feel pretty valid.

Also, corpse paint is for pussies5.

Caveats aside6, what I think Kwame’s saying is that the violence, the horror, the real home youth threat that Black Metal’s Norse church-burning, suicidal and/or otherwise bloodletting, Godless fucking madness once inspired in a bunch of ill-conceived, meth sped and/or Earth First white kids has been unceremoniously usurped by the very real, distinctly American threat of Rap7.

I mean, that shit is REAL, yo!

No one gets jacked at Black Metal shows anymore. Shit, Emperor can’t even inspire a cognizant pit.

Also, you can totally fuck to it.

Death Grips.


1Also, I know what Diddy does is not Rap. Cut me some fucking slack.
2Kap’n? Anything?
3New misogynistic survivalists don’t have room in their Kaczynski holes for friends.
4Dune dude bought me a beer. Ask me why sometime.
5Unless you’re a Raiders fan. You guys are all right.
6There’s no fucking WAY I’m writing a review referencing both Rap and Black Metal without caveats out the ass. Save your flame war for someone who gives a shit.
8Whether or not you’ll actually get murdered at a Death Grips gig is subject to some debate (you probably won’t). Suffice it to say, The Money Store is pretty fucked.

The work of willful antagonists whose musical subterfuge (a dark, narcotic genre wrenching mess of nihilistic minimalism, math rock fills, squeals, bleeps, thuds and samples crushed through a C Squat Sound System all the better to emphasize a decidedly sado-masochistic, cotton-mouthed bastardization of the familiar Rap argot) bears more than a few passing scars earned in the great shadows of the Black Mask’s “Up Against the Wall (ART! [implicit]) Motherfucker” stance.

I might even hasten to argue that The Money Store is one of the finer realizations of the intellectualized violence once purported by the Dada Commandoes though much of that praise comes from the setting in which this record is presented. It’s on fucking Epic…the same label that gave us Brandy so, really I can’t say objectively. The Money Store doesn’t show a decided improvement over the left field blasts of Exmilitary which made all us disaffected daughters and sons of the Blank Generation cream our respective jeans. In fact, in some ways, it’s worse. The beats are slower, Stefan’s less intelligible (though he appears to have coconuts and defy Lady Gaga) and there’s a murky gauze wrapped around the whole damn thing which suggests the influence of juke/skrewed Witchhouse or the kind of drugs I’m glad I don’t have to do to put my head through a storm window just to have something to write home about.

It’s what Epic paid for and what you expect.

So is it really subterfuge or is L.A. Reid just another asshole putting his Communications Degree to good use by cynically flipping anticulture (a hard thing to argue in the age of the internet) onto it’s ass while fleecing as many trust funds as he can under the bland auspice of musical integrity?

I don’t know…and I bet you don’t care.

Death Grips - The Money Store, reviewed by Charles on 2012-05-04T09:25:53-07:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

2 Responses about “Death Grips – The Money Store”

  • Kwame says:

    Actually, that is exactly what I was saying.

  • Jesus god……I do not even know what is going on with this album. It is interesting that black metal is used as a selling point as the style has already moved away from its violent corpse painted archetype. Listen to Dodecahedron or Wilds Forlon. While black metal is embracing new styles and exploring new horizons, I guess there is room for another genre to inhabit dark hate and deep misanthropy which uses dance beats like a goddamn murder weapon. If “rap as the new black metal” is used not just as a publicity tool, I could see many parallels between this and the Norwegian second wave. Both are very solitary and individualistic. Both are a declaration of violent nihilism. Both scare the fuck out of my neighbors.