Death Grips – Government Plates Death Grips – Government Plates

Death Grips - Government Plates (2013)

Death Grips – Government Plates (2013)

I used to entertain the idea that I was a nihilist but I’m not. I’m just really not that good at thinking about the future. True, I have some issues with impulse control now and again but I’ve buried such a fertile seed of Catholic guilt way deep in me that I could never really allow myself to go full bore into the self-caught money shot of anomie. At best, I could be a Decadent but even then the dogs would still keep me in check.

Death Grips, however…those dudes are legit.

Artisans of self-destruction, Death Grips have riddled their brief career as noise hop agitprops with a series of stunts that fall somewhere between the bloated, bratty excess of Cocksucker Blues, the four-sided “Fuck You” of Metal Machine Music and the unhinged abasement of Daniel Johnston in his youth.

They gleefully negated their record deal, releasing a record with a dick for a sleeve for free (No Love Deep Web, under a Creative Commons License) but not before blowing loads of Sony’s cash on two months stashed in Chateau Marmont (where they made a film or something). They routinely cancel gigs, tours and festival appearances (occasionally providing an anti performance piece in their stead). They do whatever the fuck they want, however the fuck they please and thousands upon thousands of us five knuckle shufflers eat that shit the fuck up because – though their antics may stink more of Axl Rose in his dwindling, maniacal prime than Durkheim – the band is just that goddamn good.

Exmilitary was an unexpected melee of inspired retort. Money Store was great godless goods. No Love Deep Web was a bowel rattling pitch experiment. Now, Government Plates, is…shit…Government Plates is a battle of wills between the endless, electric hell of living in this shit century and the corporeal angst of man in his skin, desperate to exist alone and whole despite the coarse recourse of constant overload.

And it fucking came out of nowhere. Dropped like an Eleatic manna from the event horizon and listening to it this morning, on the 7:25 Q to Brooklyn with my eyes tight and the sun tripping curved shadow figures before me, I felt like I was already gone mad. Believed deeply there was no turning back from the pulse and the tweak and the growl and the howl and the dead-toothed lunacy of a band who seemingly, truly, deeply couldn’t give two fuck about who lives and dies so long as they can find a hole in the wall to fuck or hide in, idling wild.

But here I am.

Home, terrified.

Government Plates Tracklist:

01 You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat
02 Anne Bonny
03 Two Heavens
04 This is Violence Now (Dont get me wrong)
05 Birds
06 Feels like a wheel
07 Im Overflow
08 Big House
09 Government Plates
10 Bootleg (Dont need your help)
11 Whatever I want (Fuck who’s watching)

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