Death Engine Premieres New Song — “Gun” from Amen Death Engine Premieres New Song — “Gun” from Amen

1351822866-1Hey Kaptain Carbon…why don’t you take news for today? I just need to run to the store and will only be gone for 10 minutes. What could go wrong?

Ben’s car flipped over.

I always keep my ear towards the railroad track related to anything involving Throatruiner records. Ever since Tape Wyrm profiled this french label, horrible things have been coming to the Pinpoint offices wrapped in ghastly packages. Death Engine is set to release their first 4 track EP and by its first track “Gun,” the release is going to feel like the first few lightheaded moments after one breaks a bone. Something is wrong. Something is wrong. This doesn’t feel right.

Stay here or head on over to Throatruiner’s house to jump on their makeshift trampoline which is right next to the pile of cinder blocks. What could go wrong?

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