Death at Satellite 4-23-14 Death at Satellite 4-23-14

Photos by Ben Irwin


Ed. Note: There once was a band of three brothers from Detroit (circa ’71) who took the name of rock and roll and blasted the back right out of its skull with speed and talent and spirit and no one took a lick of notice but their neighbors and their mother and some friends. Time passed. One brother’s gone. This that and the other and through some fascination with bygone ’45s, the punk nature of some certain brother’s sons and Drag City’s being goddamn awesome, we ALL were introduced to Death and we were better for it (watch the documentary). WAY speedier than the Stooges and more soulful than Bad Brains, Death created a whir of sociopolitical party-crashing head jams that should’ve defined the new times ten years before the OC kids got blitzed and thirty-some years more before we had the privilege of seeing them at Afropunk. And now Ben has had the chance, providing us with the following evidence of what it is to understand night after night that your hope and your blood and your sound has arrived. Please dig, if you will, his pictures.

Pics of Death at Satellite 4-23-14

Death of Q&A from Satellite 4-23-14

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