Dealer’s Choice – Young Indian / Girlfriends / Street Sity Surf Dealer’s Choice – Young Indian / Girlfriends / Street Sity Surf

poker1There was something I had to say about me but I forgot when I poured a whole bunch of whiskey into this open wound on a bet I made with the ghost of Marilyn Chambers (no one ever wins) but that’s cool because I’m kind of over me lately and on to some seriously legit transcendental binary shit which must be working because it’s like there are a thousand Japanese bumblebees vibrating at the crux of my brain and I’ve read (or dreamt…the seamlessness has grown uncanny or alarming or unsafe?) that sensation is the first sign of becoming and if it’s anything but death, I’m cool with that. Oppenheimer got some mad tail in his day, though, so I guess there’s nothing so wrong with accelerating Shiva except, you know, that whole Nagasaki nightmare and decades upon decades of unconquerable dread so, um…fuck. Here’s some DC. Rockit.


a1233514165_10Young Indian
“Mom Sewed My Crass Patch on Wrong” from Hardcore

The other day John Schaefer did a whole thing on post rock which was mostly a love note to the Tortoise family tree and assorted emphatic Godspeed! edits which got me wondering if there are any young men left to raise up the sleepy behemoth from the confines of the aged and overread. Turns out, yes…I guess, though Young Indian’s triumphant smart-assery is way more indebted to the Damon Che/Champs school of unfuckwithability than any master class from Thrill Jockey so maybe not? I don’t know, man but I sure do jive on these Dubuquian turkeys a lot.


“Yeah​!​? What’s It Tuba​!​?” from Girlfriends

So this is just some dude named Jerry from Portland (of course) who, apparently, one day six years ago just sat down with some petals and loops and drums and GAWD! knows what else and busted out a record of hypercolor punk noodling up-people tunes and then got his friends to shout along to make it feel like all those bands that wanted to be Algernon Cadwallader without deigning to make it some precious fucking thing and I am only learning about it KNOW?!?! The shit, internet? I know all kinds of shit about dead dogs, killer cops and GMOs but you somehow let this shit pass me by? Dick.


a1951071772_2Street Sity Surf
“The Beach” from Running Away to Join the Massachusetts Army

I don’t know if this is a nonsense song or a protest song or some double down pisstake on the new white entitlement but goddamn if it isn’t one bashing pop can crush of a party. Seriously. If this doesn’t get you punching stop signs with your pants down nothing ever will. And that’s a damn shame, man. How else you gonna woo your future ex-wife back from the woods? A job? HA!

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