Dealer’s Choice – White Poppy / Satan Wriders Dealer’s Choice – White Poppy / Satan Wriders

poker1Charles is chopping trees in the woods. Somewhere in Norway I believe with a rustic sense of masculinity. Because of this Dealer’s Choice has called in favors for a special guest. Area Man Adam and Kaptain Carbon have been running a weekly music podcast called Champions of the Universe for over a year and through 67 episodes they have explored great depths and heights of Bandcamp releases. It only seems fitting that Area Man come on and share one of his recent finds. It only seems fitting as well seeing that Area Man is constantly letting Kaptain Carbon borrow release when he forgets his. If Bandcamp releases were money, Area Man Adam would be Mr. Potter and everything else would be a horrid dream. If you interested in more of Champions of the Universe be sure to grab yourself a stack of back issues.


White Poppy
“Who Are You” From Drifter’s Gold

You know, I wouldn’t ask Area Man Adam for recommendations if they weren’t so rad. Maybe when he starts sending me Kidz Bop videos I’ll look elsewhere. For now, he is throwing rocks at my head but all of them are good and only hurt for a little bit. Holy shit White Poppy. I think I fell in love with this album just from the cover with its worn funeral home illustration of roses. Take this picture and imagine a full album of ghostly guitar drone carried on the wings of hazy electronics and distant angelic voices from the creator Crystal Dorval. Area Man called it dentist office core but that would mean I would adore going to get my teeth cleaned. This is heaven’s waiting room. This is my summer jam and time has frozen solid and turned to stone.

Additionally, another White Poppy album is set to release in fall and you can hear that over to the right.


a0009995683_10Satan Wriders
“Go To The Beach” from Black Eyed Kids

When John Stockton founded Stockton, CA, he had one goal in mind; to create a place where experimental garage bands with Satan in their name could thrive. Satan Wriders is the epitome of his vision. They combine sunshine, basketball, partying, and good old fashioned love of the devil. Not confined to a strict definition of garage, Satan Wriders serve up a diverse album of sun bleached tunes with radical punk anthems, attitude, and electronic touches. When listening to the album, I’m there. I’m wasted on the cheapest beer I can find and playing a game of Horse with the band at a high school court in the sunset. I would have gotten away from those cops if I could’ve just stopped vomiting all over that pentagram we chalked up on center court.

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