Dealer’s Choice – Umberto / The Wives / Adultry Kidding Dealer’s Choice – Umberto / The Wives / Adultry Kidding


Charles is away on assignment this week and now I get the office to myself. In fact, I do not know where everyone has gone. Did we have off today? I came in early to set up my action figures on Charles’ desk and neatly stack the comics in the break room for lunch time. As I sit here brewing coffee with a dash of cinnamon, I project fantasies involving fictional degrees from colleges that do not exist. If I could go back to school and was allowed to pick my own area of research, it would probably be French Ye-Ye covers of popular American and British songs or even German big band made during World War II. As I sit here in the aromatic cloud of spiced coffee, I think about what would come if I defended my thesis, what journals I would publish in and what conferences I would be expected to attend if I was majoring in early 60’s surf rock or late 70’s fantasy comics. I wonder about what designations would come after my name if I pursued a doctorate in tabletop gaming. I close my eyes and try to imagine the demand for a higher degree in amazing things. I break from my fantasy and sigh. Though academia and me are separated like star crossed lovers, I can still sip my delicious coffee and take solace with three new bandcamp finds. Maybe someday I will be given one of those honorary degrees for my work in the arts. Maybe someday.


“Initial Revelation” From Confrontations

More and more, I have been seeing retro synth stretch out across the night desert pulsing to a 4/4 beat. I am not complaining as this neon grid that lies projected on the canyon floor guides me into new passages of understanding and existence. Unlike bands such as Miami Nights 1984 and Chrome Canyon, Umberto takes its time in constructing widescreen backdrops for synth landscapes and eventual glowing skylines. There is something to be said about restraint when it comes to retro electro. It is a wild cannon which can be wonderful when employed with delicacy and craft.


4190850964-1The Wives
“Brooklyn Beats” from Demo

I promise this is the last lo-fi surf doo wop band I am going to listen to. I promise after this one it will be a clean break and we can finally get to that place we were talking about and I can take those classes you wanted me to. Come on, just hang in there. New York City in the summer must feel like this. Caught somewhere between 2013 and 1963, this hip foursome play music fitting for a thin towel stretched across hot concrete. I want to see their shows because videos portray the band with wild energy. Combined with the hazy atmosphere, I can imagine a live show would be something like a daydream I would never want to wake up from. This ground is hot but I am perfectly content.


2084519880-1Adultry Kidding
“You’re Never Going to Change” from Dummy Run

Before Charles left, I asked him to leave me one of his bandcamp picks. He gave me this wrapped in bright second hand cellophane. I do not know what this is? It is enticing but probably filled with knives. I enjoy it when the seemingly random tags paint a narrative for a band and the “Pop, death, monster mash, trash-pop, Houston” tags attached to Adultry Kidding speak to music that started out as standard synthpop but then was unable to climb out of its own K hole. The result is some monstrous pop monster than retains the bruises of witch house, dark ambient, and an irreverent view on high culture.

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