Dealer’s Choice – Ton-Taun, The Wingard Manor, Boxed Wine Dealer’s Choice – Ton-Taun, The Wingard Manor, Boxed Wine

poker2…because one can never have too many features. Hello everyone and welcome to Dealer’s Choice. Today we are trying something new. This something new involves giving our readers something for their dedication to Pinpoint for all of these years. This something is cold hard cash. Wait, I mean MP3s from up and coming artists. Yes, that is right our basements are flooded with cassettes, vinyls and 8 tracks from promising artists that will soon be spoken of with distain from the champions of the vanguard of hip. Do not let anyone else roll their eyes at you when you tell them you do not know who they are talking about. Get in on the ground floor and show them who is boss. All social ultior motives aside, we (your Editors) wanted to share three artists with you for free as a way to ring in the weekend. It is Friday which means Dealer’s Choice. Poker metaphors abound!

-Kaptain Carbon (ex-officer in the vanguard of hip)

Editor’s Note: Due to a freak combination of Nemo, surgery and Charles crying over the scratches in his original Appetite vinyl, we are unable to offer you the downloads we had hoped. Flaws of the maiden voyage, friends. Instead, we’re offering streams of said tracks (most of which you can download for cheap or free of your own accord). We hope to amend this discretion in future editions.

“Get Well” from Get Well
Philly is a city known for its blue color, grease stained, grit. So when I heard the folkly off kilter crooning of Ton-Taun for the first time I was expecting they’d be from anywhere else. On their latest LP “Get Well” there’s a lot of keys dipping in and out of a pool of ethereal sounds, like something that would be right at home in San Francisco. Then minutes later I wanted to curl up with a blanket and tea while whispering sweet nothings to a pale red head from Portland. Soon it feels like a score that would play as I run through the backwoods of Mississippi. The trick to this album is making the cross country trip on one tank of gas. “Get Well” Never seems to overextend itself, and while impossible to place on a map, never feels out of place.

The Wingard Manor
“Percentage Points” from Words To That Effect
Deciphering information over the internet is a tricky subject. Depending on information available one must make assumptions deductions and conclusions based around an artist. I know The Wingard Manor is one person and that one person plays an eclectic style of electronic alternative dance but beyond that I am still in the dark. I am sure glad that dark space wherever I find myself is pulsing to the beat of genre less dance music. Percentage Points is charming and slightly infectious. Its charisma derives from the very individualistic spirit of one man, with the help of a few, making his mark with a can of neon spray paint.

Boxed Wine
“Bones” from the Cheap, Fun EP
“Indie Rock” never really meant anything (being as pervasive, lazy and elliptical a description as the rightly derided “Alternative”) but there was a time (a glorious time) when it might, at the very least, call to mind the boys and girls of America who do their damnedest every day to make the best time ever out of guitar, bass, drums, tambourine and a singer.

And that’s exactly how we find Boxed Wine except, you know, in now times and living in New Jersey (a place, they contend, is “not a bad a place as you’d think”) where they play a stupid infectious brand of jingle jangle hop with the flannel and fuzz turned up just enough to keep the pop from overpowering the dizzy underpants rock.

Now shut up and let’s dance already.

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