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Sometimes I get scared trying to imagine time periods. It makes me feel impossibly small and reminds me of my own spec compared to the incomprehensible span of time. Trying to imagine the expanse of the Cambrian period is currently puzzling. I am drawn to trying to picture life on earth 540 million years ago with an explosion of species which thrived for longer than I can possibly imagine. The ancient seas and the explosion of strange life which filled the space is both extraordinary and terrifying. I look at paintings which depict turgid waters and violent skies and become jealous at species which possibly would outlive me if we existed in the same space. Stupid arthropods. Stupid immortality. Why do they get preserved in fossils when I will just rot away?


rebelThe Rebel Light
“Jukebox Dream” from Jukebox Dream

I’m just gonna keep on pretending like summer’s really my season. Like I know how to surf and tan and sing with a lazy, idiosyncratic tenor over acoustic la la jams which totally get me fucking laid each and every time. It’s not though. I burn easy and am as likely to drown as an infant in concrete shoes but the idea of summer and all the bikini dreams that come with the beach are the things I’ve always yearned for. The apex that persists in a haze of burning hot dog fumes and Bud Light Lime where everything and every one is Gidget and goddamn fine.



Surf Curse
“Heathers” from Buds

Charles just discussed the summer and for all intents and purposes we are in the height before falling into the deep parts of August. you are not getting out of summer without a healthy dose of lo-fi surf. Surf Curse is from Reno and they propose a simple blend of surf inspired garage punk. the band has two releases this year including the above selection of demos as well as a full length which refines some of the previous tracks. Both versions are amazing with their own charm and universe. the 5$ that would be spending is just an entrance fee to the greatest beach party of the summer.


weareWe Are Temporary
“Swords” from Afterthoughts

I feel like I must have seen Liquid Sky at least once in my life though, for the life of me, I can’t remember a goddamn thing about it except for neon and needles and aliens looking like Duran Duran covers and some new-fangled dark-armed disco which may be all I need, really. The 80s lacked a lot of substance that wasn’t illicit but it made some serious disaffected dancing cool which persists to this day in sleepy hamlets like Brooklyn and Silverlake. I’d like to take a stand and say that I’m opposed to a Reagan rehash but, fuck it, man. Sometimes I just feel like doing the synth shake. Also, swords.


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