Dealer’s Choice – The Raspberry Heaven / The Sweets / Pink Mexico / Ovlov Dealer’s Choice – The Raspberry Heaven / The Sweets / Pink Mexico / Ovlov

poker1It’s not that we don’t like the summer time here at Pinpoint HQ. We totally love sweat and mankinis and tank tops and tan lines and Mr. Softee and exploding the fuck out of everything for cheap beer and red meat and American Rock and Roll FREEDOM! It’s just that there’s this surly teenaged clove-smoking basement “philosopher” that lives in the shadows of our collective unconscious who bitches incessantly whenever the mercury slips past 75 and he’s forced to procure his evening scones in so much residual daylight. We think he’s a prick, but he keeps us honest so we have to recognize his whims even if it keeps us pale and soft as a baby’s…anything really…because he’s the one he scored us this sweet, sweet money gig in the first place. Here’s mud in his eye.


raspberryThe Raspberry Heaven
“When Everything Was Tropical” from When Everything Was Tropical / Halloween Like Wrinkled Magazines

Well, isn’t this just the lovely? A lo-fi letter from a boy on the bum end of lady (let’s suppose for the moment) once all too in love with another and her (or his, whatever) baggage redoubled as poetry in the dark. A little long on the lonesome for the day to day but sure enough to keep from seeming a weak-ankled ploy for artistic pity. Fuck that noise. The world is lousy enough already.


sweetsThe Sweets
“Define Teenaged” from Just the Dudes

I waste a lot of time wondering whether or not a band is completely full of shit because, let’s face it, a lot of them are and it gets pretty tired falling into the trap of LIKE liking some act only to find out that the thing you enjoyed the most about them was really some pithy little mustachioed joke and suddenly you’re reinstated as queen of the Special Persons Club and all the cool kids have a real good fucking laugh and I really hope this band of laconic NC fuzz punks are savage little perverts at heart because that would make this slow dance so much spicier.


pinkPink Mexico
“Shrub Fuse” from Pnik Mxeico

Pink Mexico is a man named Robert who surrendered his vested interest in Brooklyn, NY to live broke as fuck on the shores of Venice because we all need some time getting tan on the Pacific. I won’t pretend I don’t find the confused spelling of his album title infuriating but I’ll forgive the affectation if he keeps it up with this reverb drenched garage locked shoegaze falsetto. It’s the good damn coming down from three weeks lost to tequila, mescaline and airplane glue rock and roll over in your cool paisley grave.


“The Well” from Am

Okay, now this? This shit is the shit. And if that stone written truth has eluded you, somehow, then there isn’t a damn righteous riff of hope for you left in our denim universe. See, there are a lot of bands come to life these days that rightly bow down to the Big Muff sound exemplified in the solemn wax of SST and early Sub Pop cha-ching singles but most of them play stale and scared or – worse yet – lazy and embittered which is why it’s so keen to testify to a band that isn’t afraid to party so hard they bust a nut on the stack like it’s no big thing. Loudness is sexy.

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