Dealer’s Choice – Psychic Teens / Cripple and Casino Dealer’s Choice – Psychic Teens / Cripple and Casino

poker1I believe the last installment of Dealer’s Choice we introduced Area Man which along with Kaptain Carbon makes up the the music podcast Champions of the Universe. Dealer’s choice is an important feature as it not only highlights some terrific Bandcamp releases but it also stands as evidence for there being great music nearly everywhere. Given the right style, one could constantly run into amazing releases given the right amount of time and patience and knowledge of where to look. Put on a large enough timeline with the right conditions, I think the possibility of finding amazing music could be endless. This is of course if you are listening to the right style and not being an immortal asshole about everything. I mean, if you are going to live forever, you might as well have a good attitude about everything.


a1920627547_10Psychic Teens
“Come” from Come

I am actually doubling up reviews for Psychic Teens as they are set to appear apart of Tin Wyrm later this week. In fact, I think everyone I talked to in the past two weeks got a link to this album. Holy shit. Philadelphia has attitude. Psychic Teens is a post punk band outside the gates of jersey with a sinister combination of Jesus Lizard style disposition mixed with Melvins style humor. the band openly flirts with punk and noise bands and probably smokes cigarettes out by the dumpsters in back. Though they are sometimes paired with very fast and frenetic music, Psychic Teens possess a restrained sort of psychotics which sometimes comes out in waves of surf, gothic, and irreverent shoegaze. then again, I may be overreacting. I was taken by surprise with this record as I feel it deserves ten times the attention it is getting. It is probably not as amazing as I am telling all of my friends. It can’t be. Nothing can be that good.


a0032418326_10Cripple and Casino
“Brand New” from With High Regards

I’m feeling tense. Either it’s this standardized test I’m taking or Cripple and Casino. Maybe I shouldn’t wear headphones to exams, but this album gets me pumped up and edgy. I’m best at identifying minerals when at my most confrontational. C&C Tension Factory here are masters of post punk badassery. Radical bass lines pound out segmented grooves with the drums while the guitars swirl overhead like clouds of gypsum waiting to rain down and fuck up my GPA. The vocals alternate between tuneful and desperate, carrying a tone similar to Pilot Scott Tracy for a minute and then devolving into dual screams from the female and male vocalists like a couple strung out Wondertwins turning punk to protest a lack of respect from the other Superfriends. This record has more layers than a piece of biotite. Get your pickaxe and start identifying.

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