Dealer’s Choice – Perturbator / Human Trash Dealer’s Choice – Perturbator / Human Trash

poker3The Curve of Space

As of right now I am putting together a mix for my friend who wants to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey on mute with the tinkling sounds of post rock as the only soundtrack. We used to do this sort of thing in college and I think I wrote about Explosions in the Sky being my college soundtrack and how this whole thing sort of began on the carpet with the lights turned off. Though I would love to pay tribute to that sound, I think this one is going to be different. Rather that crescendo based instrumental rock, how about a range of styles including the 90’s first wave and possibly the precursors which stretch back to the 80’s and beyond? This in depth analysis into post rock may ruin the whole could-be-a-cinemagraph aesthetic of Kubrick’s space epic but maybe, it will work. It will also celebrate post rock in its many varieties. I never stayed awake long enough to see how 160 minutes of post rock sounds. Maybe if we start at 4pm and drink coffee until the end it will work. If you would like to try please see the RDIO playlist below. Twenty dollars to anyone who can stay awake through the Godspeed / Labrador / Tarentel curve.

Oh also while this is loading up check out two amazing bands writing music about equally frightening futures.



“Eclipse” From I Am The Night

Holy shit. Look at that fucking cover. If I were to ever do something that dead on in terms of aesthetics I would high five the fuck out myself. Perturbator sounds like a weird goregrind band but oddly enough it is the project of a synth-based Parisian who makes music that sounds like a cyberpunk fantasy from the 80’s. Just go ahead and play “Eclipse.” I know, right? There is much 80’s throw back as of late but Perturbator nails the sci-fi angle and makes an album’s worth of music that far surpasses my interest levels in Chromatics or even M83. Sorry to the both of you but have you seen that cover? It is no contest.



Human Trash
“Add it Up” from Addicted to Trash

This. Fucking. Rocks. Human Trash is from São Paulo which is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere. As some sort of collective protest against materialism or just a celebration of debris, Human Trash incorporates the sound of…well…trash…into a raw soul garage template. Bottles, trash cans, and whatever are used in percussion and I think they make their oufits out of the same matierial. This whole thing could be a terrible gimmick if the music wasn’t so live and real. As if possessed by the spirit of The Mummies, Human Trash is – literally – a junk yard band and, possibly, the future of music if overpopulation is not dealt with. First comes Human Trash then whatever Perturbator’s future involves.

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