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poker3Half the office called in sick today. The other half is lost in a haze of half-sleep twitches and quarter-heart murmurings about the new TV suicide session and how “back in the day” or whatever, whatever, whatever. Amen. I have no idea why. There were no benders scheduled last night and the pony keg is still kicking, so what the hell gives? Maybe we’re catching up to the Kazakhstani malady. That’d be pretty cool, right? Or, you know, totally terrifyingly fucked. I’m stumped. I guess I should just appreciate this opportunity to wander the dark halls as I please without Charles pulling some “BronkAid Sorcery” shit or El Jefe commanding unilateral control over my phantom limb for reasons I just don’t…I mean, seriously? It doesn’t even exist. Anyway, here’s DC. It’s quiet and loud and quiet again like the Pixies, I guess, if the Pixies weren’t dicks. Rockit.


a3028961982_2Paper Gates
“Cat Sticker” from Art Songs

Back when I was a latchkey kid, I used to spend afternoons alone with my total jerk of a cat and jittery namesake hamster playing out title sequence to hit TV shows that hadn’t (and still haven’t, but I’m hopeful) been invented yet. It was a fun game that I still kinda, sorta play to this day except the dresses actually fit and I have my own terrible pair of Waco specs and the cat is dogs and the hamster’s in heaven (the cat in Valhalla or some similarly blood-quenched beyond) and everything isn’t some aging lady mystery but the theme is still 100% St. Elsewhere except there are horns now, winds and one of those crazy-ass room Moogs. The star wipes, of course, remain.


a3843857614_2Paul Vickers and the Leg
“Seven Floors of Pleasure” from You Don’t Have to Be Fashionable Vol. 3

So Paul Vickers is some dude I should know as a smartypants weirdo whose oeuvre dates back to the days of college radio when he was mumbled some as a genius but I always feared Replicants and still do and yet here I am hog-washing the madness of his new reveille of pop discord jam packed full of exes, whys and zeds courtesy of a mysterical force that knows itself as The Leg and you should know by now that there are many days, in this passing phase, where my brain sounds as broke as he proclaims when he eloquates “AAAUGHGHGHGAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!”


“Kindergarten/Crush” from Tape One

This song is so lovely, so effortlessly stated (no offense) and pure it breaks my heart a little bit to force myself to share it with you. Not that it isn’t worth hearing or sharing or falling in with so deeply and completely the whole room turns to posies and fur and the light shines up from the cracks in amber kiss and you know you as you and only you as you should and you understand it is so much better to just be than to receive because in being you are become truth and all is well and beautiful.

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