Dealer’s Choice: Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit Edition Dealer’s Choice: Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit Edition

poker3We know it’s been a minute since we updated our little piece of “y’all better damn learn something about the wonderful world of weird ground-pounding your sleepy id” and for that we apologize. It is unkind of us to deprive you the pleasures of the underground and, admittedly, it is wholly wrong of us to bring the old two-backing beast back with something less attuned to Operation: SUBTERFUGE! (Charles gets mighty military when we gets into the whiskey) but we can’t help ourselves. The Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit is happening this weekend in Asheville, NC and we won’t be able to make it and that makes us sad…so very sad…not just because we miss the chance to break the Pinpoint trust on the potent potables of Beer City, USA but because there are so many certifiably radical acts who ARE making the trip that wiser men than us would be damn fools to miss. Below, you’ll find a few of them and their sonic wares. Also, Nine Inch Nails will be there. Tickets are (somehow) still available and you can dig the full lineup way, way below. Rockit.


nmhNeutral Milk Hotel
“Song Against Sex” from On Avery Island

Yep. Yeah. Totally. Jeff Magnum and Company are back after so many years and Slavic ethnographic studies and rumor has us dreaming they are as astounding now as when they left at the pinnacle of their genius. They are, of course, every bit the begrudging headliners (if you believe the myths of safety) and don’t really need us to laud them anymore than the rest of the free nerd press has since In the Aeroplane over the Sea was first released way back in ’98 but fuck it. We love them. Here’s a track off On Avery Island which is an admittedly imperfect record but one hell of a fuzzing onset.


“Your Cast Will Tire” from Quarter Turns Over a Living Line

This is the new wasteland shit from two ominous apostles of the Cabaret Voltaire school of industrialized cinematics and slithering cultural deconstruction theory. It’s not a bad time, necessarily but it is a dark one pocked with fear and dread and a disassociative set of sexualized underpinnings. Have you ever had sex to blackened industrial dreamscapes? It’s a little weird at first but, once you submit, it’s TOTALLY worth it.


zjZola Jesus & JG Thirwell
“Fall Back” from Versions

Zola Jesus is an astounding presence whose range and strength has given me chills since her days as an operatic TG pedigree. JG Thirwell is Foetus, etc. and his aesthetic is as dense and varied as it is monumental (he scored the Venture Brothers theme AND got a blowjob from Lydia Lunch on screen). Together the two produce a sonic palette that is nothing short of arresting. A baby, still and perfect breathing a hush of mournful beauty.


“Later” from Laid Out

I know this name even though I don’t know much about beats and kids from LA who make a name as remix mavens. I think we gave away tickets to one of his gigs. I think I might have a record stumbled upon drunk one late night feeling deep and dark and pin-stripe sex like a British gangster laid back on R&B retrofitted bitches smoking something peculiar and sucking oysters shells for strength. I think this track is recent but this kid’s been everywhere.


“Sherlock Holmes” from Angst in My Pants

It took me a good long minute to give a shit about Sparks. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have given the band the time of day had Bradford Cox not uploaded Kimono My House one night years ago and though I struggled and struggled and failed on that album over time, I grew quietly obsessed with the idea of these two brotherly eccentrics and their wildly weirdo pop curious and now I’m hooked like a sinking line o’er the Indian Ocean. It should be noted that the current incarnation of the band is just the Mael brothers. One is on keys, one sings (hence, “Two Hands, One Mouth”) and though the bare bones rips some of the party from the contract the brilliance of the melodrama more than makes up for it.


dlWilliam Basinski
“Dlp 1.3 (Remastered 2012)” from The Disintegration Loops

It’s hard to talk about William Basinski without sounding like a buffoon or an effusive ass so let us upend our sayings and let the degraded loopings of his timely archiving speak to the strength of his minimalism. Fuck it. The Disintegration Loops is a portrait of loss whose parallels are almost unequaled in the Western World and though he has done a substantial amount of moving work since then it would be a sin for us to ignore his opus.


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