Dealer’s Choice – Mini Death / Ludmilla Spleen / Zacht Automaat Dealer’s Choice – Mini Death / Ludmilla Spleen / Zacht Automaat

poker1Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Listen Music, I thought I told you to stay away from my sister. You’re getting her emotions all wound up. You make her dance one minute, cry the next, and I am fucking sick of it. I’d take you out back and whip up on you if that motorcycle gang didn’t have your back. Yet again, Elvis saves your ass.

Everyone here at Pinpoint loves you, but I know the real score. You’re a class A number one jerk and manipulator. You just come around and we all listen to you, getting so inspired that we go off to write about whatever you’re preaching. You act like a pastor, but I know what you are; nothing more than a pimp. You show up and whisper sweet things about psychedelic rock bands one minute and the next you’re smashing bottles while screaming about Limp Bizkit. Remember that period in the nineties when I kept “falling down the stairs?” I do and I’m never covering for you again. It’s time to turn this whole cycle of abuse on it’s head, just as soon I listen to these tracks. – Area Man


a1741902744_10Mini Death
“Ready or Not” from A Rebel, A Loner (Sept. 2013)

I can already feel that I am going to love Mini Death. I can’t really explain it but the simple combination of garage pop and reasonable female vocals makes my knees turn to jelly. From a very sparse bio, Minideath was started with one person with the eventual addition of more band members. Though every member of this band contributes to the sound, Tess Passero’s voice is exquisite and makes this EP stand out among the rest. Imagine if the shoegaze of the 90’s was slightly more optimistic or even if garage punk got really into doo wop records of the 60’s. If you can project your thoughts and suspend your disbelief, then you will be at the doorstep of A Loner, a Rebel. – Kaptain Carbon


a0065475839_10Ludmilla Spleen
“Sono Un Fallibilista” from Bassucks (August 2013)

Today I looked at a map and it made me sad. In my coverage of the awesome Ludmilla Spleen, I was jazzed to see that their Bandcamp page was tagged for the Italian city of Bologna. Upon further research, I found they actually hail from Paperopoli, much further to the south. Italian geography has robbed us all blind of lunch meat jokes, but at least we have this radical post hardcore EP to ease the pain. Get ready for a three quarter pound bag of sliced mathematical tension. For as technical as it is, this record is hard hitting and fast, featuring nuanced grooves and a sense of urgency. Ludmilla Spleen is able to add so much dimension to the songs that the eight minutes of this release feel satisfying in their brevity. Listening to Bassucks is like going for a half mile jog and eating a whole pizza afterward as a reward for being so healthy. – Area Man


a0982603165_10Zacht Automaat
“Side B” from Disturbed Ground (September 2013)

To be honest, the cover for Disturbed Ground by the Canadian krautrock duo Zacht Automaat looks like just two Canadian dudes fucking around while the recorder was left on. It is true. Zacht Automaat leans heavily on freeform minimalism where 19 minute journeys through the noodle ether are pretty much accepted. This whole thing is batty as fuck but you know what? It ain’t half bad. Despite some low production and a near lawless attitude what comprises a song, Zacht Automaat resurrects the spirit of krautrock by allowing music to be whatever it wants. Perhaps the music wants to be a giant monster with a funny hat caged in the woods. Maybe the music is a rug now. How about a swan? Though you probably will not like everything that is heard, rest assured that just like the weather one can wait underneath a tree for the noise to pass and the sun to finally shine. – Kaptain Carbon

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