Dealer’s Choice – Middle Class Fashion / Corners /  Un Blonde / Divine Right Dealer’s Choice – Middle Class Fashion / Corners / Un Blonde / Divine Right

pokerI don’t know why I keep thinking I should be a morning person. Mornings are bullshit. Mealy and worthless and gray as the worthless prick resting between my legs now waking up AGAIN at 5am because I’ve somehow suckered myself into believing that a brisk start to a long day is the kind of thing that inspires greatness in men, but really, it just makes us hateful old coots well ahead of our dreaded time in geriatry. Oh well. My bed is warm and filled with women and dogs but I dare not lie in it. I’ve made a dreadful pact with myself and I aim to keep because…well, I reckon I don’t have a single goddamn good reason. I am for me and for you, too and for Dealer’s Choice without whom I probably could’ve slept in another fifteen minutes. Goddamnit. Enjoy.


mcfMiddle Class Fashion
“Yr Wrong” from Jungle

We spend a lot of time around here huffing and puffing our way through the dark soot of sensuous drunks just aching for the day we get invited to the cool kid basement drag king party but sometimes we find it critical to the soul and the betterment of the brain to just shut up a minute and have fun devoid of niche jeans or context. Enter Middle Class Fashion. This shit is good, clean lady synth and tsk tsk pop played uppity and recorded by professionals so as to ensure it actually sounds that way. No murmur hiss or retrofit defense nonsense. Just some kids playing shoulda been hits. Bless.


“My Baby” from My Baby (7 in)

Something I can always count on is some solid garage and psych rock from Lolipop Records. Just recently I discovered Dante Elephante’s 2012 release and have been replaying summer 2012 all over again. Today I stumbled across some moody slow burners from Corners. My Baby is a 7 dollar 7 inch with two fantastic tracks. “My Baby” is a jarring competent garage number followed by the hazy and surreal “Automatic Man” which reeks like paint fumes, saltwater, and 1965. there is a lot of garage and psych floating out in the ether so it is always nice to find a label and a handful of bands that are going to be consistent for future times.


ubUn Blonde
“I Am Note Your Mind” from I Am Not Your Mind

All bets are off when its cryptic sigils and hair/blood cassette rituals and the Great White North’s hibernating discordance like a psychic hell trap on a rigor morting nightmare only the fear, the real fear comes when you realize that the devil lives deep in the waves of the beat and the moan dissipating into snow like a pop alm for a dead posey. I think it’s high time I returned to my TOPY tomes and got busy dismantling the ghosts of 23…23…23…like a cat scratch bemoaning hilarity.


a1863432264_10Divine Right
“Play This At My Funeral” from Divine Right

Oh shit. I dropped some change. Excuse me while I pick it up in the most rocking way possible. I’ve got punk methods for doing everything. Lawnmowing? Check. Looking at windmills? Yup. Got some recycling to do? We can crush dance those cans to fit in your bin. The only thing I need to conjure this productive inner Hulk is Canada’s Divine Right. This album is like the fine wine of hardcore. There’s a rich bouquet of sludge, speed, monster riffs, and feeding back guitars swirling overtop some of the angriest grapes ever to be harvested. Divine Right has given the world a diverse and expertly rendered box of fermented punk perfect for chugging. Pick it up, just don’t sniff it. It’ll get you drunk, but it smells like sweat

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