Dealer’s Choice – Las Pipas de la Paz / La Luz Dealer’s Choice – Las Pipas de la Paz / La Luz

poker1So here’s Dealer’s Choice, third edition. Cast red like the blood of our enemies in the holy waters of Lake Minnetonka. But we don’t mean to be mean this week. We’re feeling right as rain down the back of a Chevy going 80 with the lights off on a highway at night. Radio blaring. One last cigarette’s glow reflected in the shades meant to hide the scar under our right eye (the last identifying trait) and we’re remembering the last look on her face before we took the dog and headed west to our manifest destiny. Shores and hips as wide as the sky. That’s where we’ll find our fortunes, yet. Where we can put the last six days behind us and pretend that we’re honest men again.


Las-Pipas-de-la-Paz-300x200Las Pipas de la Paz
“Like a Feeling” from El Mero Basilón (2012)

It’s the good bad sound from the heart of Mexico City, man so go on and shake your gringo ass. The Peace Pipes (translated from the Spanish) are a four piece down and dirty psychodelicious dance machine with the keys up just a little high, the vocals growled too rough at times and the guitar a hulking mess of mean meant to get your motors going. Hard and fast, real pussycat style. I’m talking serious Russ Meyer here, baby. The kind of shit Tura Santana used to shove in her pipe, sit back and smoke while she got her bodacious rocks off to some poor Adonis doing the Loop de Loop until she cut his head off. Ooof, I’m beginning to feel this one, baby and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna freak out.


laluzLa Luz
“Call Me in a Day” from Damp Face EP (2012)

Girl group from Seattle that does a mix between surf and doo wop. Color me interested. Ohh look it also seems that you can by a calendar with hand painted portraits of old pop and rock stars. Color me excited. From the opening crawl of “Call Me in A Day,” La Luz’s Damp Face EP shows itself to be not only competent but downright hypnotic. This is. of course, as long as you enjoy echoed guitar and soft smoldering vocals from the very talented Shana Cleveland. Why wouldn’t you? I mean you are human right? If you are not convinced take a look at the video for “Easy Baby” and tell me the entrancing melodies set to the back beat of vintage world’s fair footage isn’t enough to raise a white flag and declare defeat. Yeah. I knew you would cave. I mean. You’re only human Right? It’s 1963 forever.

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