Dealer’s Choice – Gidropony / The Tunnel Dealer’s Choice – Gidropony / The Tunnel

poker1So we’re back again, in inches. Restored to a half mast glory where the only creatures talking are the ones the Kap’n’s programmed to which is a comfort in these most trying of times. Scores are settling. Fists are flying. Hope’s in hand with hell and we’re just going to go ahead and go with it a while if you don’t mind. We trust you won’t. But really that’s all just the besides because this is Dealer’s Choice, now. Rockit.


“Weekend Riot” from Milk Lupo

You know what’s fun? Fun is fun. Lazy Casio disco nouveau cha cha from Russia with love and a wink, a chick (sometimes two), a dude and a what sounds like five smashed Gameboys on some seriously noxious party fumes. Goddamn, is this chiptune? Nononono. My heart could never handle the switch. It’s just dance punk, kids from an industrial wasteland in the shadows of nothing (Russia’s hella big) thrown up with skinny wrists and some crazy-ass dope my American senses just couldn’t hack. So sad, comrades. Oh well. I’ll just stick to my Sunday ludes.


tunnelThe Tunnel
“Cave of Swimmers” from The Tunnel

Holy god…yes. What happens when you take Melvins / Sabbath / Deep Purple style riffs and send them careening down a hill of glam rock falsettos? The Tunnel. The Tunnel is a Floridian two piece that focuses less on genre and more on delivering rock splitting, gravel making punishment. Rock and roll is not dead rather it is laying low drinking gut-wrenching whiskey in seedy outskirt taverns. Maybe it is because the band never assumes or asks anything of their audience. Maybe it’s because two pieces are limber enough to fill out the absence of instruments with volume and intensity. Maybe it’s because “Cave of Swimmers” makes me want to kick the air in the highest possible manner and hope there is someone tall enough to catch my foot with their face. Whatever it is, it is cheap as hell, I love it and I already bought three tickets.

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