Dealer’s Choice – Frustration / Mega Gem Dealer’s Choice – Frustration / Mega Gem

poker Well, there we have it. Another round of Dealers Choice — Pinpoint’s newest feature showcasing the finest un-showcased talent this side of Albuquerque. Why don’t you tether those dusty horses and pull up a chair to the best game in town. Holster those sidearms and prepare to be either sent through those batwing doors flying backwards or headfirst through this oddly intact bay window. Goddamn it, I have wanted to use this western motif for quite sometime. We are always looking for cool new bands to add to our not that creepy but slightly alarming collection of bands. If you are so inclined send us an email and we can get this bar fight started. I know you have been hiding aces all goddamn game. Sonuvabitch, no one is that lucky ‘specially not some duded-up, egg-sucking gutter trash. –tableflip–


Editors Note: Well, would you just look at that? We’ve got a graphic now. Good on the right Kaptain Carbon for hooking us up with the aesthetic that can take this bathroom ideation past the shackled intimacies of her maiden voyage and into the cockles of fresh company.


Editors Note 2: I have no idea why I am wearing this cowboy hat but you can take this cap gun from when pry it from my dead hands. Shackled intimacies of her maiden voyage?

-Kaptain Carbon


from Uncivilized (February 2013)

Is it 1982 or 2082? I do not know. Is the world a steady homeostasis or are we living under the tyrannical rule of android overlords? You tell me. Frustration comes to us from France with a very imperative message about saving yourself because everything will be gone by tomorrow. Geez, that sounds important. Sharing similar aesthetics with Devo and Joy Division, Frustration casts a cold wave style into further dystopia where the aforementioned robotic overlords rule with a polyethylene fist. Oh lord, this is catchy and hostile. There should be no reason why you are not throwing money at this band right now. It is literally everything you need to survive. What was that I said abut saving oneself? Ohh, look it is already too late. They are coming. Sound the alarms.


megagemMega Gem
“Onions” from Colors of the West (October 2012)

Mega Gem are almost extraordinarily insufferable what with their manic panicked pixie collective dreams of internal rainbows so bright they just about burst straight from the mouths of babes and echo off into forever on the impish glint of mile high smiles and then sow the seeds of friendship so…yeah, okay. Maybe they are insufferable but I don’t care, man. At least, I don’t care today because today Mega Gem’s bawdy blend of big band (there are anywhere, at any time, between seven and twenty of them) pop orchestration, Our Gang hoots and hollers, twee tenor scraggle wail and…wait…is that, actually, a little girl singing at the end? Jesus Christ, Mega Gem. You aren’t making this easy. I want to join you so bad in the void you fill between the moment Los Campesinos lost us in their dark turn to true feelings and whatever the fuck it is that Broken Social Scene did right half the time (was it Feist?) but the twee cultishness of your celebration plucks so many cynical strings in me that I just…can’t…stop…LISTENING TO THIS SONG! AAAAUUUGGGHH!! I AM THE EGG MAN! I AM THE ONION! I AM THE FOREVER FUN!

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