Dealer’s Choice – Exploding in Sound Edition Dealer’s Choice – Exploding in Sound Edition

pokerEvery day, we get loads and loads and LOADS of music sent to us here at the Pinpoint Music World Headquarters which we have done our best, through the years, to wade through with an open mind and tender ear. Over the last few months, we’ve been getting a lot of good noise vibes from this label called Exploding in Sound (whose artists Two Inch Astronaut and Ovlov, we’ve featured before) most all of which we love like hell but never seem able to review in earnest depths. I don’t know why. Let’s pretend we were all too busy on the cocaine blowjob highway which – somehow – always ever leads to the Queen Dive. Whatever. Consider this DC a remedy to our…ahem…”preoccupations” as we dig through EiS’ recent existence and do our best to share the bossness. Rockit.


a2622897153_2Kal Marks
“Parking Lot” from Life Is Murder

I know the album title bears a certain air of questionable content (Is it blackened? Is it bitchy? Does it deserve the skin it’s survived by?) but Kal Marks are a meddlesome wonder of New England riff-hugging ash sniffers who put out a record that I think I adore with its wall of (understated) balls and hankering for Marshall inclusion. The only thing keeping me from shameless devotion is the idiosyncratic nasal crush of the singer. Sometimes I get it, other times I want to chew my cheeks hallow but that dichotomy is enough for me to reckon this band deserves your attention. Ratcheted to 11, of course.


“Psycho Speak” from Bent Nail EP

So, it turns out that my girlfriend fucking HATES Liz Phair. Like, not just her shit with the Matrix or the insipid turn her lyrics took as soon as she sang about double-dutch dancing. Fucking hates her in all her deadpan observational forms from the lo-fi fucking and the running to the…um…glam motherhood, I guess. She was reminded of this fact (or reminded me, rather) when she heard me twirling in my desk chair to the new Palehound EP. Take from that what you will.


a0221678966_2Fat History Month
“Cat in a Box” from Bad History Month

I want to tell you about all the strange and terrible experiences I’ve had with cats throughout my life but I’ll spare you the interweb buzz kill and just let you know that I am happy to have found a band that can offer a feline allegory that isn’t quietly devastating (thanks, Weakerthans) or misguidedly psychotic. I should also let you know that I feel like an asshole for not having thrown myself in drunken rejoice before the distant jangling soft/loud echo chamber gang charm of Fat History Month before today. Thank fuck for endless chances.


“Brain Congratulations” from Buzz Yr Girlfriend Vol. 3 – The Metal David Byrne

We all know the “underground” is lousy with crunching pop-sly punk mother-loving rockers and most of them are just the worst kind of people for turning a genre of upheaval into a media glitz for the teen girls they couldn’t bang in high school but Geronimo! get the gist of the jig and play the good fun distorted swing and shout that makes the twenty pit surge with delight. Bonus props for smirking on David Byrne. That dude’s had his goddamn day, already.


a3016667819_2Grass Is Green
“Sammy So-Sick” from Vacation Vinny

So, here’s a funny story. Earlier this year someone introduced me to Grass Is Green’s last LP, Ronson and I hated it so much I started listening to Reinventing the Steel. All 90s lazy headache math for dudes who still believe that they enjoy the lesser known works of Trumans Water. But something’s changed on this new track (set for formal release via EIS in early 2014) which promises to slap that overeducated slack-jawed attack just enough to let the crazy time rock and roll in.

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