Dealer’s Choice: Every Day Is Halloween (Video) Edition Dealer’s Choice: Every Day Is Halloween (Video) Edition

poker1>We, at DC, believe deep down in our bleakest of broken souls that every day is (or, rather, should be) Halloween. Yes, we know that’s a Ministry song and we agree that song sucks but so what? We like playing dress up and eating candy until our black blood boils with diabetes. We also like ghosts and creeps and the ability of Hasbro, Inc. to invent a plastic novelty item that’s had the right trembling since Friedkin. In that unholy spirit of desire, we’ve decided to dedicate this edition of the ever-elastic DC to some clips that give us the willies…or did. Some of them may be a tad unsafe for a wholesome work environment but if you’re spending your Friday morning with us, you probably don’t worry about the sensitivities of the sheeple. Baa Baa Bastards, one and all. Rockit.

Skinny Puppy – “Worlock”

In 1986, Skinny Puppy released the above video for “Worlock” (off the awesomely angry Jourgensen styled, Rabies) and all sorts of people went all sorts of crazy because it was made up of gore scenes from horror movies wherein all God’s creatures get mauled. Choice.

Godflesh – “Crush My Soul”

It starts with a cockfight and ends with JK Broadrick covered in pig’s blood. I remember reading an interview with Mr. Broadrick discuss just how much getting covered in pig’s blood sucks. There’s also some church and a performance by Bob Flanagan, supermasochist. Rest in peace, my mad friend.

Chris Cunningham & Aphex Twin – “Rubber Johnny”

Of course there had to be a Chris Cunningham clip here because Chris Cunningham is a goddamn genius of the unsettling and surreal. Rubber Johnny is a short film that came with a book and a sticker of dysmorphic anuses and ball sacs and might be the best thing the man ever did due – in no small part – to the soft focus shots of a chihuahua in night vision. Extra points for hydrocephalus.

Justice – “Stress”

Directed by the brilliantly stark Romain Gavras, “Stress” follows a gang of underaged thugs wrecking havoc through the Parisian suburbs in Justice jackets. It is a stark depiction of violence and joyless amorality.

Fever Ray – “If I Had a Heart”

Everything about this. Everything. Some nights, when the dogs are sleeping, I’ll watch this video over and over and over again until I can feel all hope abandon me and the madness of a thousand years course through the will of my iron teeth.

Einstürzende Neubauten – “Halber Mensch”

Halber Mensch from roland van ulden on Vimeo.

An hour of EN performing in a junkyard with a butoh collective. Get as fucking weird as you can be.

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