Dealer’s Choice – Estrambote / JC Satàn / Planet Creature / Nac/Hut Report Dealer’s Choice – Estrambote / JC Satàn / Planet Creature / Nac/Hut Report

poker3After the ashes settle and everything has been wiped clean off of this earth, there will be one standing effigy left from the former civilization — Dealer’s Choice. That is right, this series is not going anywhere because if you are like us, you have an insatiable desire to find cool new bands and come hell or nuclear winter, this is what we are here for. We are here to show you things and then to casually hang back nodding in approval when you come to grips with the fact that we were right all along. The world may change and we may build up societies based around the genetic powers acquired after the fallout and these societies may be run by humanoid insect overlords created by the government to be our servants (until the arthropod revolt of 2121 in which all capitols were overrun and crumbled) but even in that wasteland the one fact will remain that during the next 100 years of arachnid servitude under the giant glowing queen, Pinpoint Music and Dealers Choice will be here for you.


“El rey del barrio de Teis” from Ídolos y héroes.

“A psicodelia, los sonidos lo-fi y el rock’n’roll primitivo.” Even when I do not speak the language, I know what i am looking for. It’s like 1967 all over again and psych/garage is as popular as it’s ever been and just like decades prior it will inhabit every single country and all of it will be goddamn amazing. From Vigo, Spain comes Estrambote with a pay-what-you-want price for their 2013 EP Ídolos y héroes. It isn’t just that it is low cost or the fact the band sounds like a competent Spanish version of the Velvet Underground just with a weirder and more sardonic outlook on life. It’s the fact that psych/garage bands are blossoming everywhere and I couldn’t be happier. “Entre la new wave, el proto-punk, los sintetizadores, el wall of sound de phil spector.” Amazing.


jcsatanJC Satàn
“Dragons” from Faraway Land

All kidding aside, it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any serious narcotics or, like, any narcotics really other than the Tylenol 3 for Xmas and that was to deal with the gaping hole in my mouth so I hardly think it counts and besides after a couple of days I was shitting bricks of shame and blood so yeah, no. I’m a good long way from being hopped up on anything other than Jesus and beer and America and the precognitions of the German Goo Girls which may make me a square in this land of hippy dippy dipshits but I think sets me ripe for the balls deep bat shit Bordeaux pomo garage trash sex trip on The Residents (I’ve been really into them lately) wonky lawless agitation wagon that is JC Satàn but if I were so inclined to ride the slow jit stream of giddily illicit substances, this record cover (LOOK AT IT!) would soon reveal all manner of undeniably horrifying truths to me in the precious moments before I tried to eat my own face…again.


planetPlanet Creature
“Hymns For Hitler” from You’re On Planet Creature

I started in on this band with 2010’s The Pigeon EP which is goddamn fantastic. So is their full-length debut. I am still catching up. Give me a minute. I was given Planet Creature under the banner of “punk-gaze.” That is a good place to start but you could also throw Canadian surf garage in there as well without falling off balance. Planet Creature began as a gritty lo-fi shoegaze band and ended somewhere between cleaner shoegaze and doo-wop obsession. While I still adore The Pigeon, the new full length from these 5 ladies (who, as an aside, all look like late 60s Canadian librarians) is well worth your time. Everything is amazing and I do not want to miss anything.


nacNac/Hut Report
“Junkstarr” from Angel-like Contraction Reverse

Have you ever listened to Colossal Youth and thought “Goddamn, this record would be so much better if it had more sexy Polish murmurs set to warming loops and crackling guitar over noise scapes while engaging in a backdoor Bat Cave orgy with sublimated melodies and the atonal ravages of musique concrète”? Bullshit, you have. I bet you don’t even own the box set. Whatever. I don’t really know who this band is or even how I happened to be sitting here dumbfounded and drooling over how foolish so many referential little post goth pity shits have been to not dedicate their lives to making music like this but I am and it’s bringing me back to a time when my girlfriend and I used to fuck to Einstürzende Neubauten. I bled a lot then. Wanna see my scars?

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