Dealer’s Choice: Epitonic Deep Freeze Edition Dealer’s Choice: Epitonic Deep Freeze Edition

poker1Well it’s not so cold as fuck here in NYC this evening but it’s looking to be pretty damn brisk in the windy city where Epitonic is prepped to celebrate it’s fifteenth damn birthday (the internets is old, no?) this weekend with the inaugural Deep Freeze Festival. There’ll be rocking and rolling and jokes galore and we’re pretty bummed this life of brutal leisure can’t afford us plane fare and suitably shmancy accommodations so we’re just going to take a minute to sit back, enjoy a few post rat mummy flu (we hope) brews and consider some of the choice radness (almost at random) we’ll be missing but which you should definitely partake of greedily if you are in the Wicker Park area. Tickets and info are in that there link above. Rockit.


Pillars and Tongues – “Points of Light”

Moody beauty in a low light psych dream like a glass spider swimming off into the embryonic tide. I want this band to play my next post dadaist absinthe shindig. I also want a pet jellyfish.

Pillars and Tongues – Points of Light (Official Video) from Randy Sterling Hunter on Vimeo.

Holyoak – “Silver Boys”

What soft, sad glory. What earnest loneliness. What a wonder a man can make in the space between deaths. “Silver Boys” is a bus stop serenade for teenage love affairs. God bless the ruins of youth.

Suns – “You Are On”

Six men play the rumble sunder of post rock between waves of baroque understatement and bald hope calls. I think I dug hard on these cats a couple of years ago with that record with the axe on the cover. Dunno why I never told you more. I fail often.

Secret Colours – “Faust”

Fuck you, Ima do a voodoo crime spree.

Secret Colours – Faust from Secret Colours on Vimeo.

Meat Wave – “Brother”

Hella? Hella. Hella hella? Hella HELLA! hella, brother. Fuck shit up.

Shiloh – “Make it Die”

“A bunch of Midwestern boys making some Midwestern noise.” I’ll bite, hard and die.

Czar – “Arctic Flower”

Crush. Kill. Fuck. Destroy. That’s the way of the American metal.

Bloodiest – “Dead Inside”

Isis is dead. Neurosis is in the west of God’s country. Bloodiest is the new everlasting skull shifter. Grand and grim as a swan.

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