Dealer’s Choice – The Frowning Clouds / Control Dealer’s Choice – The Frowning Clouds / Control


My wife tells me the cicadas are out but I have not heard them. I remember them being louder and emanating a sense of heat and humidity. I haven’t heard them yet. Maybe it needs to be warmer. Maybe I need to be further south and next to a grove of trees which drop under the oppression of heat. Maybe she is lying to me about the 17 year cycle. I still want to hear them. Whether or not the cycles of insects will only be heard by everyone else but me, I can take solace in the fact that the cycle of Dealer’s Choice is still on track. I know I can still hear it. My wife is getting upset because now she thinks she is the only one that can hear them. The insects are causing arguments.


lThe Frowning Clouds
“13 Stick flight” From Gospel Sound From The Church of Scientology

Well what do we have here? A wonderful surf/R&B cassette from a band that is from Australia with record distribution via Spain. Not a lot of people can pull off surf. The Frowning Clouds pull of surf and nail their opener “13 Stick Flight,” which merley leads into a fantastic release Gospel Sound From The Church of Scientology . The rest of the release continues as a great nod to 1965 with a mix of surf pop, beat, garage psych, and smooth R&B. “13 Stick Flight” however is an overture recalling an earlier time period. A time when surf titans sailed on stoned waves. I love this. I love everything goddamn thing about it.

“Middle Brother Watches Younger Brother While Older Brother Goes Out” from Control LP

Things to do in Madison Wisconsin. Visit the Ice Age Trail for remnants left behind by prehistoric glaciers. Visit the Henry Vilas Zoo. Visit Science of Sound Records with attention paid to post punk rock troublemakers Control. Buy a t-shirt. If your idea of a relaxing vacation is spent in the arms of angular tension, then Madison Wisconsin, Sound of Science, and Control has everything you need. Control sort of starts out like post rock but with no care paid to making the listener feel comfortable or safe in any way. Its the same sort of safety you get from bands like By The End of Tonight, Tera Melos or sitting under open scaffolding. This is instrumental music which is not only interesting but is possibly capable of leaving welts.

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