Dealer’s Choice – Chalk Talk / Yukari / CIVIL CIVIC Dealer’s Choice – Chalk Talk / Yukari / CIVIL CIVIC

pokerIt seems a slow week here in the PPM offices. Charles is still curled in a ball mumbling something about a mythical sheet of chicharrones. Ben is off breaking hearts at the pony show. Lemon’s busy chasing the shadows of J Hope Wayne’s incredibly iridescent love children (to which, I should point out, I bear no resemblance). Todd and Bryce are taking umbrage with the shadow clan, Tiger Mask. McHank is revising his dissertation on the Proustian nature of Judge Reinhold’s canon. We think Daniel G.’s still in Luxembourg. And the Kap’n? Hell, no one’s heard from the Kap’n in days. His last transmission was that crackling (albeit accurate) dispatch regarding LES MELVINIES! (as he refers to them to visiting dignitaries) but since then it’s been nothing but static from the space mariachi. So that’s where we stand as of Friday, 4/12. I’m hoping that changes right quick. It’s getting awfully creepy around here. Nancy thinks the keg is nearing full sentience and if that happens…wait…WHO TAUGHT OUR DOG TO TALK?


ctChalk Talk
“You’re In” from Bad Influences

The last time I went to the beach was in the quiet, lingering sunset of my (once) estranged friend’s father’s death. The time before that, some rogue wave burst the fuck out of my left ear drum and I got so sunburned I had to slather myself in aloe and walk around the house whimpering in my girlfriend’s muumuu for three days so yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of the surf and sand but goddamn if I don’t love the idea. Bikinis, brews and boobs sound pretty opportune even if you’re a three piece (kinda) college rock (ish) band from Amherst. Especially, maybe. New England sucks but there’s a bristling titillation of warmer days and Bay Watch babes that imbue the emotive twinkle shout and shimmer of Chalk Talk’s latest punk endeavor that bely their current station. Combine that with their current love of sharpened retro lust and you’ve got a big plus in the soft moral party department.


“Marginal Man” from Echo

Listen, I’m surprised as anyone else in this town (HELLO! ANYONE? ANYONE?!) that I’d be so readily engrossed in the electric pink rolling of a South Korean introvert but life is strange. Life is funny. Life is rich. Life is pretty as a peach rolling through the rose pagoda and landing at the feet of an ascete who takes no notice and from his zen dismissal so many dreams are born. I told you it was getting weird here. Be that as it may, there’s something magically transgressive about Yukari (who “takes all the responsibility of her music as a composer, producer, singer by her lonesome”). As if she’s taken all the pin pricks out of Grimes and Salem and however many other dwindling electronic drug wonders the kids would have me believe are some fucking bastion of hard world truth and turned them eloquently effusive.

PFFFFFFFTTTTTHHHHHH!!! (that’s a raspberry, dummies)


“Run Overdrive” and “Less Unless” from RULES

Okay, so this album is a little long in the tooth but so what? I’m pretty sure (at least, I hope) CIVIL CIVIC is still a real and reasonably vibrant band up in it and out there doing their ratchet attack of post-punk wank and roll cum black metal pantless dream fuzz against the driving rain of ragged guitar elocutions and all of your favorite (they exist, goddamnit) parts of low slung 80s joyful goth instrumental bridges because what they do is SO all manner of fucking vibrant and almost a little bit danceable it’s like they stole the RATATAT posture and made it fucking rule for the rest of us.

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