Dealer’s Choice – Cannons / Flamingods / Inspired and the Sleep Dealer’s Choice – Cannons / Flamingods / Inspired and the Sleep

poker3Consistency makes character. Fourth installment of our Friday feature which is intended to highlight some new and upcoming records that might normally fall like your keys through the metal grating on a street. No no no no…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Shiiiiittttttt. We love new bands here at Pinpoint and are always looking for fresh crops to leaf through and feature as a friday reward. We even accept submissions. If you or your grandmother have a project and would like to be considered please send and email to:


Below, you’ll find the bands currently playing in Pinpoint’s reception area. Ben thinks they weird people the fuck out. Charles thinks the screams from the lobby come on account of the good Kap’n’s insistence on a routine public performance of the “Magnetic Violence Experiment” which he claims is a clever reinvention of the MacGyver mythos through naked tears, pool cues and live wires.


“Birdshit Sanctuary” from Cannons [2013]

Philadelphia. Land of working class cuisine and the searing sounds of basement rock and roll. Cannons has as much interest in old metal riffs as they do in angular music made in the mid 90s. That and cheap but sustainable food which only a few people know about. Fuck you. Go back home and eat at Applebees if you don’t like it, asshole. Look at this free EP which is the third release from the power trio. It comes with a side of fries and a choral of gang vocals and the wet smell of sweat-coated concrete. Seriously, eat this Plexiglas sandwich and tell me it isn’t the best thing ever.


“Sun” from Sun [2013]

Well this is certainly strange. Originally based in Bahrain and then relocating to London, this collective of psychedelic musicians got noticed by holding a parking lot jam session at an Animal Collective show. The jam session got this band the critical boost they may or may not have been looking for. It also got them a bunch of comparisons to Animal Collective. It seems unavoidable. Much like Animal Collective, this five member congregation relies heavily on groove, genre-less atmosphere, and the tendency to leave this plane of existence. At times, I enjoy these group of newcomers more than Animal Collective and hope for their work to expand beyond the parking lot.


inspiredInspired & the Sleep
“Sink” from Sink [2013]

Was it 3rd Bass that had that video where they beat a likeness of Mr. Robert Matthew Van Winkle down with Louisville Sluggers to some sing songs about rodents going “BOOM!”? I’m pretty sure it was. That shit was dope, yo. So is “Sink” though the difference between the Def Jamming of Serch, Nice & Rich and the loop twinkled sea lolling of Inspired & the Sleep is about as wide as the lazy Pacific which I&tS’ feral inventor, Max Greenhalgh (AKA the Eyelid Kid) takes daily for inspiration in slightly healthier doses than his third year of chronic insomnia and tUnE-yArDs (though that’s likely more a sonic kinship based on psychic pop quirks) with the conscious (or half conscious, depending on the Circadian upset) intention of making unusually lovely music with a night hook and light fantastic.

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