Dealer’s Choice – Brahms / Two Inch Astronaut Dealer’s Choice – Brahms / Two Inch Astronaut


Perhaps this summer I’ll only listen to the radio. I have taken a liking to Justin Timberlake’s new album, Daft Punk is hot, Queens of the Stone Age is suprising and Black Sabbath is creeping up on the horizon. I have dedicated my summer to only reading old science fiction paperbacks, swimming laps every week, and writing poetry. Perhaps If I throw in exclusive mainstream music it would sort of act as the mortar to this wall. I feel that critically reviewing pop music wouldn’t be that bad. There is good and bad things in all places. “Mirrors” is a good song but I can’t talk about it because even kids under 10 years old know it. It has cycled through our social consciousness that even if i just heard it last night doesn’t mean I am allowed to discuss it. It’s still good. I can like it and possibly love it, just in quiet contemplation. Perhaps after I am done with this whole minimal synth thing, I will just give away all my records and buy an FM radio headset. Maybe I’ll go walking at 5 in the morning with feverish dedication. Out of my way young people.



“Insomnia” from Shimmer / Suffocate

Aesthetic is everything. At Least this is what I feel guides Los Angeles based pianist Brahms. From the sparse bio we are aware that Brahms’s Shimmer / Suffocate is a cassette full of minimal synth compositions which may or may not have been written from some sort of prison. I do not know. I am sort of figuring this out as well. What is known is that Jovan Moran’s composition are flooded with a sense of arresting quiet and droning isolation. The cassette art and website are aligned with vacant abstract imagery. Something is happening in this record and Shimmer / Suffocate screams cathartic strangulation. It is calm boarding on hopelessness.



Two Inch Astronaut
“Blood From A Loyal Hound” From Bad Brother

Wow. You know when you haven’t heard of a band and you put their record on and you really don’t know what to expect but then it turns out to be something you really like that is clearly influenced by music you’ve listened to quite a bit? That doesn’t happen too often but that’s what happened with me with this record. I very clearly hear the Jawbox, Failure, Cursive and Dismemberment Plan, and ESPECIALLY Smart Went Crazy in this band. There’s a couple small riffs where it seems they’re paying direct homage to Drive Like Jehu and Far, even. I really don’t know much about them but I did a bit of research and they’re from the right general area- Maryland. There’s a lot of amazing music always brewing near DC (I’ll be writing something about More Humans when I get that rare combination of not too busy and not too lazy), and Two Inch Astronaut is not an exception.


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