Dealer’s Choice – Au Dunes / Drug Yacht / Pink Frost / Driving Mrs. Satan Dealer’s Choice – Au Dunes / Drug Yacht / Pink Frost / Driving Mrs. Satan

poker1You may note that in this particularly chop shop episode of DC, there are some topical references which already seem more than a little outmoded. We apologize. See there was a critical delay in your weekly amassment of amazingly (otherwise, sometimes) unsung heroes of the new rock and roll on account of a not-so quiet war of attrition your humble archivist has been waging with the fucking Netherlands, of all places, where he is convinced Don Henley’s set up an Eagles (the band, not the Vick) all-cost defense league whose sole goal it is to fuck with those who would question the musical genius of the sleepy pot, dad rock drying out in the Hotel California. It’s been a bit of a drain on the brain trust (to speak nothing of the libido) but we’re pretty sure victory is nigh and, as evidence of this swelling confidence, we’ve got these few new favorites to share with you to help you perk through the fog and hammer fuck the shit out of this day. You deserved it then and we’ve earned it now. Rockit.


auAu Dunes
“Tears Make Mud Spit” from King Tears

It is a good thing I have an affinity for garage and psych otherwise all of these Bandcamp searches would be dull. It is a good thing they are amazing. Portland – land of freedom, opportunity, and a deep understanding of where music is headed. Au Dunes is not as loud as other pop psych acts but that is perhaps one of their greatest attributes. In place of fuzz and distortion comes an almost electric-less groove which breathes echoes of Black Mountain just in a singles format. This is garage psych for when you come home from a party and everyone is gathered around the campfire in the backyard. You are not ready to scream and shout but you are far from getting tired.


dyDrug Yacht
“Feel The Teal” from The Way Up Firm and High

In 1998, I filed a missing persons report. After my arrest and subsequent jail time, I realized that maybe the flyer I posted looking for a “Drug Yacht” wasn’t such a hot idea. This trio of Daves played a total of four shows before splitting up with no recordings. Fifteen years later, someone scraped the barnacles off the yacht, slapped on a new coat of paint, and actually paid the whole dock fee, interest included. Way Up Firm and High is a tension blast chock full of discordant zeal that punches you in the face with badassery from the first chords of Feel the Teal through the rest of this thoroughly awesome EP. These guys took a long break from the ring for what I can only assume was a decade and a half of weightlifting because this record kicks your ass. Here’s hoping Drug Yacht gets that title run they started fifteen years ago before they had to join witness protection for refusing to throw that fight Joey Fingers set up.


Pink FrostPink Frost
“Ruins” from Sundowning

Still flipping the candy shame of antibiotics and Budweiser and Ms. Mitzi comes in and tells me there’s a band she’s heard today that reminds her a little something something of Fugazi which, of course and all, twists my ear and so I’m listening to Pink Frost in the agonizing minutes before the NFL season enters me into social and financial oblivion thinking “Yeah, man. Yeah, I get the bit of 90s DC loll and rip but there’s a positive swing…an easy lilt and drama free Touch and Go pop mofo swing towards subversion with just the faintest hint of a shoegaze brogue” and if it weren’t for the idiot rumbling in my gut, I would grab that lady and kiss her hard for my new, now favorite guitarmy thing.


mrs. satanDriving Mrs. Satan
“Battery” from Popscotch

Yes, that “Battery” as in one of the few tracks that Metallica’s ever set to wax that no iron man can ever wrench from the horrors of self-aggrandizing bear-killing sober sac pity (fuck you, James Hetfield…fuck you straight to barb cock hell) that indelibly inked their tenure as San Fran thrashers with…ugh…I don’t want to talk about it, OKAY?!?!? Anyway, along comes a spider spinning pixie drum cider and suddenly I find myself loving a London cum Naples girl/boy twee folk muzak rendition of the inimitable classic because – hush hush, now – I guess I’ve always wanted to make out to this track without the threat of having my teeth ripped out so…um…sweet dreams, kittens. I’ll see yas in heaven.

Oh, shit. We can’t embed that track. You can listen to it on the side. Here’s them doing “Living After Midnight.”

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