Daylight – Sinking Daylight – Sinking

Daylight - Sinking

I’m a champion of Daylight. I’m their Bobo in the pit. I’m that jackass screaming shirtless inches away from the singer’s face. The one who had too many two hours ago but just keeps going, ignoring everyone and everything within a ten-year radius just to be his best. His blind and inspired. A singular savage in the wake of sheep.

Because I need to be a mess in the glow of punk rock purpose. Reclaiming my place and time. My town. My moment. My motivation from the otherwise unbearable gray of New York City in the winter when a man can barely muster up the courage to drag himself out of bed in the morning just to spend his days slithering through the malaise. Searching for half-light havens. Escape.

And I’ve found it.

For now, at least.

In that swell and roar I haven’t heard, in earnest, for years it seems. In that cacophonous meaning. Melody wrenched behind sweaty amplifiers. Music from the basement made by men made to open their mouths and shout their fucking lungs out.

Who cares if the words are base?

Who cares if the riff’s been played?

Love is a dying art in the music industry. Emo’s a bullshit, black and white, cookie secret-cutting phase they kids play to spite their soft white faces because Twilight can only cater to so many Manic Panicattacks.

You want to know what it is to live in darkness? What it means to crawl out from the abyss? Move to fucking Pennsylvania. That place can ruin anything.

Track Listing:
1. Enough
2. The Best
3. You’re Not My Father
4. Sinking
5. Seeing & Hearing

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