Dan Deacon @ SF Chapel – 2.28.15 Dan Deacon @ SF Chapel – 2.28.15

Photos by Ben Irwin
Dan Deacon - SF Chapel - 2-28-15_BI7869
Dan Deacon - SF Chapel - 2-28-15_BI7720
Dan Deacon - SF Chapel - 2-28-15_BI7605

Ed. Note: Dan Deacon is a mad genius with a suit case full of wonders, wires, mics, knobs and a thousand neon unicorns step-dancing to some great future-shock metronome hidden in the back of his soft, white cerebellum which sends pulse waves out on harmony rockets to play the pearly gates like “WHOA, MAN! IS THIS SHIT FOR REALLY REAL?” and whether he’s stag on the floor of a basement swilling sweat shakes like honey (somewhere, Baltimore) or staging an epic convex accompanied by an orchestral percussion wing to reimagine America for the sling-maw membership set (NY, likely) his appearance anyway, anyhow, anywhere is a catalyst for the real change you can believe in. Ben did. That’s why he travelled to Frisco to cover Mr. Deacon’s recent appearance at a Chapel. The kids got mental, Mr. Deacon got glory and – for a moment – all was right with the world just like we knew it could be. Now please dig, if you will, these pictures.

Dan Deacon – SF Chapel – 2-28-15

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