Crippled Black Phoneix – No Sadness or Farewell Crippled Black Phoneix – No Sadness or Farewell

Crippled Black Phoneix - No Sadness or Farewell

Crippled Black Phoneix – No Sadness or Farewell (2012)

Despite the groans and sighs of my friends, I love Crippled Black Phoenix.

It is not because Crippled Black Phoenix is a terrible band and I enjoy them mildly rather they are an above average band in which I rant like a goddamn lunatic about. Already in 2012, this British based project released Mankind (the Crafty Ape) a theatric double album which sent my heart in flutters and made my friends raise their hands in confusion. For a band to begin in the very desolate ruins of post rock and then to finally find civilization the cradle of classic rock, it has been a long and wonderful journey. No Sadness or Farewell is the end of the year follow up Ep which nears 50 minutes in running time. In all honesty this is a friendly reminder that not only does Crippled Black Phoenix have the ability to craft a great story, but their vocabulary and diction is near earth shattering.

You see that’s the type of shit that agravates my close friends.

One of the largest complaints I have regarding Crippled Black Phoenix is I feel they are underrated. Not underrated in the sense that people should enjoy their albums more rather people, regardless of opinion, should at least pay more attention. Crippled Black Phoenix has the critical under pinning of an attention ready group. With members from Electric Wizard and Mogwai, the band lead by the very talented Justin Greaves is easily introduced and speculated over. But no. Even the band’s Wikipedia page looks like it was written by their one other fan besides myself. What the hell guys? This is great music to signify the end and evolution of post rock what is the problem here? What am I missing?

One of things I have always enjoyed about Crippled Black Phoenix was the use of post rock as a backdrop to instrumental and traditional storytelling. Even in 2006 with the moderately acclaimed A Love Shared Disasters, the band retained the same structure with a healthy dose of thematic atmosphere, emotion, and narration. From the very dusty and apocalyptic beginnings, Crippled Black Phoenix, with every release inches closer to the idea of grandiose stadium rock. It is something that is extremely odd yet, at least in my mind is utterly exhilarating.

No Sadness or Farewell continues Crippled Black Phoneix’s quest to being the less artsy yet more crowd pleasing version of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. This works both ways and shouldn’t be taken as a negative. Songs like the opener “How We Rock” has near jaw dropping in their delivery while others like the closer “Long Live Independence” ride too long on convention and expected conclusions. “Hold On (Say Goodbye to That)” is a bit on the mild side yet “What Have We Got To Lose” has a wordless vocal solo which is near awe inspiring. The band emotionally connects with listeners provides multiple moments of excitement at the same time as confusion to whether or not it has been heard before. I believe most people dismissal of Crippled Black Phoenix comes from their heavy handed reconstruction of influences. Whether or not it is Arcade Fire or Pink Floyd there is a persistent feeling that something is familiar. I still do not see a problem as Crippled Black Phoenix allows the listener to enter a space both comforting and exciting and continues to make records which astound.

Again, my friends hate me.

I am dovetailing No Sadness or Farewell as a fourth act in Crippled Black Phoenix’s 2012 production. It is a record which makes me smile for 1000 yards as well as confused when I look around to an empty town. What is you problem with slide guitar and slow vocal chanting? Where is everyone? Goddamn it.

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