Cripple Bastards – Live to Hate People Cripple Bastards – Live to Hate People

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Cripple Bastards - Live to Hate People (2013)

Cripple Bastards – Live to Hate People (2013)

Okay. We’re going to talk about Cripple Bastards today not because I am a fan of the band but because they’re the only artists I know who’ve been shut out of ABC No Rio, day of show, on account of their record Almost Human featuring a snub nosed revolver/BJ still from the Harry Reems PTSD roughie classic Forced Entry for a cover which was kind of a big deal at the time for even my most radically leftist of friends because “duh, ironic shock value” and “seriously, that record came out years ago…do your fucking homework, dick” so much so that some of them severed all professional ties with the venerable half squat, all safe revolutionary venue and though it’s been ten years since the incident, I haven’t actually listened to the band until this weekend.

I’m not sure why I was avoiding them nor am I really sure exactly what I was missing. This is grindcore of the misanthropic shock set recorded live in places I’ve never been and likely won’t ever visit. It is fast – brutal, I guess – and unrelenting save for the Italian dialogue between some tracks (which I can’t understand but think stands either against God, the man, motherfuckers or soemthing), the movie samples (which I can’t place) and some covers, maybe? I don’t know. It’s screwed and rued and, evidently, super controversial on account of the lyrics most of which are garbled, howled and screeched through oblivion, making their riot-inciting nature (there is, purportedly, one on the record but I can’t decipher it) almost moot.

Also, Italian.

What makes this release interesting, however, is its inclusion of two decidedly different documentations of the band’s existence. The first portion, Live to Hate People II (I guess) is a crisp live recording of the band in 2005 where they could stand in for any of the more lauded and timely polished stalwarts of grind (Brutal Truth, etc.). The latter, Live to Hate People I (which lived, for a time, on limited 3” CDR), shows the band as a crustier, punkier, noisier, entirely more decadent animal whose absurd crudeness is most worthy of a prison tattoo if not an international tour and which I find infinitely more enjoyable. Like a meth-mouthed Dropdead without the animal rights.

After a few too many listens, however, I find I really just don’t give a shit. I don’t want to be dismissive but it takes a lot for grindcore to move me particularly when presented as a live recording (though, to be fair, most live albums are terrible). But I had to fucking listen to it. I had to know what all the ANTIFA fuss was about and now I’ve fallen down a hole that bounces from Serbian nationalism to rape fantasies to overzealous reactionaries to anti-misogyny to surprisingly sober tour riders and back again and what I’m left with is an empty stomach and thirty-two incomprehensibly forceful tracks of venom.

Take from that what you will.

I’m taking a nap.

Live to Hate People Tracklist:

01 – Intro Being Ripped Off
02 – Fear In The Squats Of The Dead
03 – When Immunities Fall
04 – Get Out And Bite Them
05 – Images Of War Images Of Pain
06 – Odio A Prima Vista
07 – Self Zeroing
08 – Outro
09 – Il Sentimento Non E’ Amore
10 – Morte Da Tossico
11 – Intro Being Ripped Off
12 – Paranoiac
13 – Ragman
14 – I Hate Her
15 – Radije Volim
16 – Lotta Per Il Potere
17 – What I Thought
18 – Get Out And Bite Them
19 – 1974
20 – Watching Through My Chaos
21 – A Dispetto Della Discrezione
22 – Invito Alla Riservatezza Come E’ Falso Dio
23 – Pastete
24 – Intro Fuck Politics
25 – Mass Media
26 – Sexist Society… Must Destroy It!
27 – Stimmung
28 – Padania Di Merda
29 – Authority
30 – Asti Punx
31 – Necrospore
32 – Too Late

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