Conan O’Brien Covers “Creep” by Radiohead Conan O’Brien Covers “Creep” by Radiohead

Conan O’Brien cannot be stopped. His funny will find your eyeholes and earballs no matter who tries to stop him. After 3 months of downtime since his awkward-yet-hilarious departure from The Tonight Show, Conan kicked off his stage tour called ‘Legally Prohibited From Being On Television’ by saying, “I’m not supposed to admit this, ladies and gentlemen, but I really missed the applause,” O’Brien said Monday. “You have no idea how shallow I am.”  Being the multitalented performer that he is, Conan’s show is much more than a stand-up comedy act, it’s a variety show including skits, dancing and, at one point, a pink leather outfit.  And, of course, Conan makes sure to showcase his surprisingly good guitar strum and unsurprisingly bad voice along side former “Tonight Show” band members and some special guests.  In this particular instance he stomped his very own version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.

In cheeky reference to the closely monitored legal restrictions on his performance, Conan joked that “the lawyers are watching” as he adjusted his costume from the ‘Musturbating Bear’  to ‘The Self-Pleasuring Panda’.

Good on ya’, Conan.

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