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Com Truise - Galactic Melt

Com Truise is one of many pseudonyms for electronic music producer and visual art designer Seth Haley. Haley has been making music for the better part of ten years though his Com Truise releases started lat year with the very well received Cyanide Sisters EP. Pinpoint readers may remember Com Truise’s work on the Daft Punk RECONFIGURED album which I praised infinitely. Com Truise attempts to make 2011 the year when everything fades to dull neon as he follows the equally brilliant Fairlight EP with his debut release Galactic Melt. If you are adverse to constructed memories positioned around the halcyon days of the early 80’s then I am afraid we will have to say goodbye.

Before we move on, let us discuss chillwave academically. Chillwave/glo-fi is a style of electronic music based around the sound and textures of early 80’s synthpop, new wave, dreampop and a large part of the European disco. Nostalgia plays a large part in chill wave as songs are processed until emanating a dreamlike lo-fidelity. The style of chillwave/glo-fi was coined by an internet blog to describe a few bands of questionable commonality. After the exposure of chill wave, a wave of newer bands were either discovered or assembled to ride a submainstream wave of fame. One of the more interesting aspects of chillwave is that its announced birth, estimated peak and declared death all happened within a few short months of each other. We know live in a post-chill-wave world which, incidentally resembled the pre-chillwave world with bands making music without the concern of being apart of a larger genre.

According to his site, Com Truise is the creator of “mid-fi synth-wave and slow-motion funk.” Com Truise’s music does take a larger step, in terms of production, as oppose to Neon Indian, Warm Ghost or Washed Out. There exits a comforting low end which allows the synths and blips to float above. Because Com Truise in based in instrumentals, the music has a refreshing flow — one that seldom falls into repetition or drone. It is interesting to think of Com Truise’s Galactic Melt being one of the more important records in a genre that has already come and gone.

Galactic Melt’s strength lies in its ability to create grooves and background rather than showboat and dance. The world of Com Truise is constructed out of those perceived memories and proposers when the lighting, atmosphere and general mood is set. Compared to the 2011 Fairlight EP, Com Truise has reigned back on some of the more complicated structures in favor of broad expanses of glowing horizons. Besides the single “Cathode Girls” and the ending track “Futureworld,” Galactic Melt recreates the joy of irony and discovery for material long dated.

Chillwave and post-chillwave are fascinating for the reason it hinges itself on the emotionless memories of a time never experienced by the artists themselves. Much of chillwave’s collective consciousness steams from empherma left over from decades past preserves in VHS tapes, magazines, outdated technology. Chillwave is the romantic ideal for the dawn of the digital age and while that time was only 30 years ago, it feels like we have traveled through eons, epochs and eras.

Cathode Girls
Air Cal
Ether Drift
Galactic Melt (Vinyl Only)

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