Cold Cave – Cremations Cold Cave – Cremations

Cold Cave - Cremations

Cold Cave - Cremations

When an artist releases a collection of “rare/live/unreleased demo” material, your general reaction at first is to think “well, this is going to suck…”. But I guess you have to take into account the nature of the music. Cremations was released under the Hopsital Productions label which is run by Dominick Fernow, who is better known as harsh Noise genius Prurient. And experimental genres are largely known to embraces the Do It Yourself aesthetic. So after a moments thought, recalling the cassette only releases I have littering my room, and the live CDr material I often wish was committed to a studio recording session, I had to really reconsider. This could be pretty special.

However, with preconceptions aside, I should probably listen to the music, yeah? Well, it’s dark. I mean it’s absolutely sinister from start to finish. Cold Cave sounds disgusting and abhorrent with white noise static buzzing throughout each recording. It’s definitely Lofi. The track “Always Someone”, for instance, builds into a cacophonous screaming blizzard of fizzing noise. Cemations also manages to sound oddly tuneful and vaugely melodic which threw me off at first. While you concentrate on the fuzz and the tape hiss that’s prominent, you lose sight of what’s actually there. There are a lot of beautiful synth sounds and well constructed Electronics underneath the horrible, brutish atonal exterior. There’s an ethereal quality there too. “Heavenly Metals” and “E Dreams” play like lucid visions of a doomed cyberpunk future. Once you get past the abrasive qualities, you’ll warm to everything else that’s there.

A lot of the songs do sound as if they were ideas that never found resolve and that, I guess, is one of the main problems with Cemations. The oddest part is that the disc manages to play through with the conistency of a regular full-length, which is probably a result of there being so many unfinished motifs and themes that it eventually blends into a whole. It’s a good reference point for Cold Cave fans to hear documented older material but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone new to Wes Eisold. I was lucky enough to catch Cold Cave live less than a month ago and what I will say is that now with a full line up and more focused music, you should expect great things coming from Cold Cave in the future. They’re definitely one to watch out for.

Track list:
1 Sex Ads (2:08)
2 I’ve Seen The Future And It’s No Place For Me (1:15)
3 Always Someone (2:43)
4 An Understanding (2:25)
5 First Fit (1:43)
6 Heavenly Metals (3:58)
7 Poison Berries (4:11)
8 Roman Skirts (3:06)
9 Gates (2:18)
10 Cursed By The Cross (3:42)
11 Mag Dreams (2:00)
12 In A Cave (1:45)
13 Love Lets Go (1:05)
14 Chrissie Sally (2:10)
15 Of All The Summer Murders (2:50)
16 Hummingbirds (1:51)
17 Rainbow Girls (1:10)
18 Love You Forever (2:52)
19 Swallow The Sun (1:35)
20 E Dreams (3:18)

Cold Cave - Cremations, reviewed by Heard on 2009-06-10T23:17:00-07:00 rating 3.2 out of 5

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