Cokie The Clown – SXSW 2010 – Fat Mike Cokie The Clown – SXSW 2010 – Fat Mike

Fat Mike’s ‘Cokie the Clown’ set at South By Southwest 2010 was graphic in nature. The stories Mike told and the things he did at Emo’s Annex during SXSW left me shaking afterward. Damian Abraham, lead singer of the band Fucked Up, later described this Cokie set as the most depressing and fucked up thing he had ever seen. This article is going to be very rough in nature and isn’t advisable for the young or the weak of stomach.

sxsw-cokie-the-clown-1 It needs to be mentioned that I do not have an audio record of the event, so all the stories recounted here will be to the best of my memory. Most discerning readers will question the complete accuracy of Mikes stories and accounts. While it would be almost impossible to verify these intimate moments I can say that Mike’s friends and other artists that are close to him told me it was their belief that the stories are 100% true. It’s my understanding that this is the first and last set of its type that will ever be performed.

As one of the last sets on the last night of SXSW, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Fat Mike. Clowns creep me out so it wasn’t like I was expecting to be in anyway comfortable. Pinpoint Music had press access to the show, and as such, I was actually sitting on the stage, positioned stage right the entire event. Sitting next to me were several of Fat Mike’s friends and artists he had asked to be there.

Fat Mike, in full clown costume complete with over-sized Chuck Taylors, was preceded by a videographer that was rolling footage as they walked past me on the way to the stage. The moment Mike showed up as Cokie the Clown it was immediately evident that this was not going to be a comedic type of set. His face was adorned in makeup akin to a traditional European whiteface clown but his eyes were empty and glazed over – the emptiness was vacuous.

Entering to a raucous cheer and holding a bottle of Patron Anejo, Cokie poured out about 40 shots to a tray of glasses he had waiting. After taking about five for himself he passed the rest to the crowd who reflexively devoured them like Pavlov’s dogs.

sxsw-cokie-the-clown-3 sxsw-cokie-the-clown-4

Cokie played about 5 or 6 songs, including a two or three minute acoustic version of “The Decline” which was amazing, “My Orphan Year”, “Cokie The Clown”, and two brand new songs “Drinking Pee” and “La Pietà,” (which means “pity” in Italian). All that turned out to be an ancillary part of the show however. The series of stories Cokie told started off with an account of how back in the mid -’80s Mike and Eric Melvin had witnessed a girl being forcefully carried down the stairs of a club on her way to being raped. As it goes, they both stood there watching slack jawed as she stared at them helplessly, then she grabbed onto both of them and yelled, “Help me!”. The men told Mike and Eric not to say a word. They did exactly that and went upstairs to watch the Vandals perform.

By the time he started talking about his relationship with his father, all of Mike’s friends who were standing near me had noticeably changed their demeanor. Mike talked about conversations with his father that occurred a bit later in his life, presumably his twenties. His father told Mike that after he was divorced from Mike’s mom, she made him see Mike two times a month. His father admitted that all he ever wanted to do was get laid and party, and had no desire to have him as a child. Later in life, when the wife of Mike’s father called him and told him that his father had passed, she wanted to know if he would attend the funeral. Mike was on tour at this point and canceled a show in Fresno to attend the service. He showed up in the tour van, got out, and said two sentences about how he would have loved to have known his Father. Then Mike went back to the van, and did drugs.

sxsw-cokie-the-clown-11 Jumping ahead in the show a little bit Mike talked about his mother’s passing. By this point Mike’s eyes were blood shot from fighting back tears. Mike’s mother was in the hospital with a terminal diagnosis. As Mike sat by his barely-alive mother on her death bed, he told her stories about women he used to have “fucked up kinky sex” with. He said it brought a small smile to his mothers face; letting him know she was still alive. After a short while his mother got up enough strength to ask Mike to help end her life. Mike felt it was his obligation, as her son, to oblige her final requests. After talking with the nurses Mike was entrusted with what was believed to be a lethal amount of prescription narcotics to administer to his mother (for those who haven’t been there – being entrusted to administer an overdose of pills while the hospital effectively turns a blind eye is pretty commonplace in these situations). As Mike put it, her brain wanted to go but her heart was too strong. The pills didn’t kill her. After telling the rest of his family to exit the room, the nurse gave Mike a lethal dose of insulin to administer to his Mother. Mike injected her with the insulin and then proceeded to gently hold a pillow over his Mothers face until she ceased to breathe. After telling this story Mike played a never-released or played song that he wrote about the event.

sxsw-cokie-the-clown-6 At some point in Mike’s youth he lived in a house with 8 of his friends. One evening while Mike was cooking, one of his housemates emerged from his room with a bloodied face. His friend informed him that he had just fallen while attempting to commit suicide by hanging himself with a bullwhip, which failed because the whip had snapped under his weight. Mike told his friend, “Don’t do that” – he then decided to finish cooking himself some beans. That next day he discovered that his friend had successfully hung himself using a length of TV cable. When Mike and his other friends walked in on this suicide scene they took it upon themselves to pilfer through their deceased buddy’s things and steal what they wanted. Mike said all he took was a vinyl record. The next day Mike stood there and watched as the deceased’s parents were in tears, cleaning their son’s blood from the floor.

Mike ended the show with a story told while mixing a White Russian. Mike was at a concert flirting with a groupie who told him that she didn’t get out much because she had a two year old at home. He asked her if she’d, “ever been milked by a dude”. She then confessed to Mike that it was one of her darkest sexual fantasies to be tied up and milked like a cow. Mike told her to meet him upstairs in ten minutes and he would oblige her. Once upstairs he told her to strip down and proceeded to hog tie her on a table making sure to allow her breasts to hang off the edge over a cup. He then added Vodka and Kahlua, and used the milk to make a White Russian.

As Mike finished his last song, he announced that he had a video that he had prepared especially for this evening. The mood in the building was completely fucked at this point. Upon instruction, his videographer hooked up the same camera he had been recording on the entire time to a 20-something inch TV that was positioned stage left. His camera man rewound through the entire footage to reveal a scene that occurred kitty-corner to the artist entrance of this venue. There, Mike was with his clearly visible naked dick filling a bottle of Patron Anejo, that started about 5/8 full to mask the taste, with piss. Without cutting away, the camera tracked with Mike, in full Cokie the Clown garb, as he corked the bottle, walked into the venue, and served it to the very crowd that now looked on in amazement. As the scene unfolded, some of the crowd cheered but most of us were too disturbed for emotion. sxsw-cokie-the-clown-16


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  • john says:

    seriously, i was there and this was the most f*d up thing i’ve seen… my friend was in the front row and got a shot of tequila!! he said it was warm but he just thought it had been out all day… fat mike is my hero!

  • rowe says:

    awesome tv screen dick-pick pic, very meta. thats art bro.

  • doesn't matter says:

    i witnessed this and whoever this guy is that reviewed this did a shitty job. he was with erin the whole trip to and from his dads funeral. there was no woman waiting for him other than her lol

  • Ben says:

    As I said I reviewed this from unaided memory. So it’s a shit review because I refered to his then wife generiaclly? Ive fixed the oversight but get a grip. Why would I need to make things up when the stories were that nuts? If anyone else remembers things differently let me know.

  • john says:

    omg… the poor reviewer watches a guy on stage reveal every horrid detail about his life and then witnesses him foist piss onto his most loyal front-row fans and the only thing you can say about his review is that he wasn’t specific enough about one detail??! f*ck that. dude, i for one thank you for this review. it may not all be perfect though it’s pretty much how I remember it. and it’s cool to have it written up because i’ve told so many people about it. i think this will become legendary. a one-time performance and the ultimate prank between performer and audience. i mean CHRIST, he tricked them into drinking piss!! i still can’t believe it!

  • What?? says:

    What is wrong with you people? This isn’t funny. He needs serious help but everyone will just laugh because it is Fat Mike. He needs help.

  • no. says:

    dude. I would sue if he gave me actual real piss.. are you fucking kidding me? fuck that guy and his stupid ass stories. no one cares.

  • anoldfan says:

    This is really fucked up. I really hope Mike gets some help. Sounds like this entire show was really a cry for help.

  • doesn't matter says:

    Ben, sorry to come off as a twat, but it just sounded like you were implying he has random groupies waiting for him. im sure he does but the guy has got a wife. as twisted as he may seem i dont think he’d stoop & cheat like that.

  • Ben says:

    @ john – Thanks for understanding.
    @ What?? – Who thinks this is funny. I did write it’s the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen.
    @ no – I had the same reaction. I’d be on the phone pretty quick.
    @ anoldfan – I couldn’t agree with you more. I told my friend the next day that I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a precursor to something much more serious and permanent.
    @ doesn’t matter – Hey no problem. I wasn’t trying to imply anything about cheating.

  • nothanks says:

    (for those who haven’t been there – being entrusted to administer an overdose of pills while the hospital effectively turns a blind eye is pretty commonplace in these situations)

    erroneous. completely fucking erroneous.

  • Ben says:

    @ nothanks. Of all the things I can definitively say are not bullshit that is one of them. I live in CA and I’ve had two friends in the last year be told by hospital staff what would be a lethal amount of oxycotton for their terminally ill relative. Then the hospital leaves it up to the family. Is this legal I have no idea but it’s enough to convince me it fairly common.

  • reader says:

    hey – someone else wrote about this in case you’re interested (and haven’t seen it yet):

  • Sally says:

    The milking story is definitely bullshit. A woman has to be pregnant to lactate (you know, make milk.) Do you remember if this was mentioned?? It’s a key detail. If she wasn’t – this was just theater and it worked because we all took Fat Mike too seriously when he was relevant and clearly, many still do…

  • Dan says:

    I’m scared.

  • Anony says:

    Uh… as a woman, you do realize that some women lactate years after child birth, right?

  • farrapo says:

    in my opinion mike is an artist. exploring his own piece of contraculture. i do believe is pure modern punk rock spirit leading to a new way of expression.

  • Attendee says:

    I actually was able to shoot some footage of this show, but within minutes of putting it on youtube, it was reported by Fat Wreck, and taken down.

    I am currently looking for another venue to post the clips.

  • Craig says:

    Yes, he did say that she was breast-feeding and in fact went in to detail, explaining that she had been pumping her breast milk all week so that she could get drunk at the show.

    The author also left out another story that is important in setting the context for the big finale. Prior to the song about drinking pee, he told the audience about the first time he’d been forced to drink someone’s piss, after being tied up in a bathtub by a dominatrix in Las Vegas.

    The story and the song both implied that Mike is a big fan of drinking urine (as long as no asparagus is involved), and he did take several shots of his own like a champ before handing the rest to the audience.

  • Shane says:

    This seems extremely Kaufman-esque to me. I’m not taking this too seriously. Either way, Fat Mike is a hedonistic idiot and his band is dull and tasteless.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Shane, you also forgot to mention that he’s a hedonistic idiot that is a self-made millionaire.

  • Dan says:

    I’ve wondered ever since I saw him pee in that bottle, if the tequila would have killed the the bacteria in his urine… Probably not, but maybe Mike and his attorney can make a case if it comes down to it.

  • MMM. Tequila says:

    Bet the guy scratching his chin had a shot.

  • jon says:

    @Dan, there’s no bacteria in urine. it’s sterile.

    that being said, drinking pee is still pretty gnarly.

  • charlie says:

    hey @nothanks

    the practice of ‘self deliverance’ is actually a hugely contested thing. many MANY doctors and nurses believe in in and will help to assist dying humans leave with a level of dignity. most states are either just finishing or just beginning battles about this. i knew someone who was helped that way. it IS fairly common. just because it is illegal in most places doesnt meant that some hospital staff dont see the need for this and do their part to help people die without continued pointless suffering and pain.

    that being said, this is a sad and horrible thing. if fat mike was doing it to be a ‘cool punker’ than the guy is a moron of great proportions, but if this is a cry for help he really needs better people around him. they guy needs help.

  • anthony says:


    urine is sterile until, you know, until it passes through your penis.

  • Richard Fish says:

    it’s not a cry for help at all. he’s a fucking man and the whole idea of cokie the clown is this. he’s been through some serious shit. everyone has. stop posting blogs about a mans life.

  • Anonymous says:

    just for the record, pee is sterile, so you’re safe… maybe?

  • Anonymous says:

    also, kudos to a mention about asparagus piss. i’ve been eating a lot of asparagus lately and the only thing that sucks about it is how nasty your pee smells after. it’s baaaaaaad.

  • Ben says:

    On a lighter note I really want a pair of those oversize Chucks!

  • Anonymous says:



  • Trojan says:

    Fat Mike is a coward. To turn his back and go watch a band while a girl is raped is unforgivable. Even if he was not willing to fight to protect her, he could have walked outside, picked up a pay phone, and called 911. To hell with him if that story is true.

  • Anonymous says:


  • anthony says:


    seriously, dude? a guy who goes on stage in clown makeup and tearfully confesses his darkest secrets to a couple hundred people while they joke and yell throw crap at him? you’re going to anonymously call him out on the internet, and HE’S the coward? wow.

  • Carys says:

    thats not even funny, pretty much everything about that show/review is waaaay beyond disturbing and I think its disgusting that “entertainers” can get away with things like that and that there are still some “fans” who will think this is okay??
    John- “fat mike is my hero!” – if that’s worth idolising, you seriously need something positive in your life.
    There are many issues within that show that are illegal, and if it wasn’t performed by a fat pathetic old dude in a clown costume, you’d think it was pretty horrific, but hey, its punk!- way to go if u think that shit is amusing.
    the guy served his own piss to people who had probably queued for hours to get to the front of his show – lot of respect there.

  • david says:

    amazing if only because you idiots are getting so bent out of shape about how “disturbing” this is. OF COURSE IT’S DISTURBING. he’s choking back tears, talking honestly about some beyond-messed up stuff, like turning a blind eye to rape and suicide, and even killing his own mother. KILLING HIS OWN MOTHER. all while wearing makeup and oversized shoes. this is brilliant.

  • W Kovacs says:

    Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says “But, doctor…I am Pagliacci.” Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains. Fade to black.

  • Stu says:

    This is really tragic. This is someone who I used to idolise and hold on a pedestal. I hope Mike gets some help. Money, success + fame really doesn’t make you happy and something like this proves it.

  • michael says:

    discussing this without knowing much about nofx and fat mike is pretty pointless, it’s as warranted as someone commenting on something morrisey does without knowing a fair chunk of his backstory. nofx might not be the most progressive band in the world but their ethics (in a broad sense) are far stronger and more resolute than whatever it is that you think is not ‘dull and tasteless’. if you dont like the band, fine; this isn’t the band. this is a man, an artist, who’s been performing since the early 80’s, who decides to really do something different, something counterculture, and it’s worked by polarizing the crowds, something clearly evident in these comments. leave your hipster attitudes at the doors and judge this as a piece of art as opposed to ‘what the fat old cunt from that played out punk band you listened to when you were 13 is doing now’.

  • Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine was their and he said that Fat Mike was a genius, told me it was fucked up, but that he was a genius. Now I’m not so sure what to think, I was genuinely shocked and a little speechless when I read this (very good, from aided memory fyi) review. If it is true, then he needs help, if he doesn’t want it, who are we to say the Cokie The Clown WASN’T Mikes own brand of therapy? And if its not true. Then, well, perhaps he is a genius.

  • michael says:


    a man goes up to someone and punches him in the face. context is everything. in a boxing ring; champion. in a bar; criminal.

    this is a performer, he has artistic licence that extends beyond a regular joe. sure maybe giving pee to people is ‘illegal’ but GG Allen, Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten aren’t idols to some because of their law abiding ways.

  • bromandudeman says:

    Whoa. I don’t know what to think. From what little I know about Fat Mike, I could see how this would be a morbid joke, but judging from this review and other things about I’ve read about this event, the performance seemed to be pretty heartfelt. Either way, this is probably the most punk thing anyone could do. How polarizing it has been is quite refreshing in the otherwise boring punk scene.

  • Sarah says:

    I’m torn between either thinking this is interesting/art as a personal statement or completely self-serving and obnoxious.

  • nunya says:

    That guy is fucked up. I’ve lost all respect I had for him. You don’t feed unsuspecting fans of yours piss. I don’t care if you wanna help your mother die, that’s fine, she asked for it. But when you give people piss without them knowing… that’s just fucked up.

  • Ariana says:

    So I watched that clip just now.
    Fat Mike is aiming for performance art. Doing it in a punk venue and atmosphere is a really great concept, the force of the crowd is so different than that of an art show. Sure. The stories he presents are disturbing more for the sake of being disturbing and upsetting, more theater therapy than anything else.

    “Shut up, this is my time” completely proves it for me. He needs to whinge about his father, make confessions, not work to evoke emotion from/or present to the audience. The pool of stories Mike has to pull from is pretty deep and broad reaching (in the realm of drugs and violence,) but he cheapens it by looking for sympathy. As a performance, it is sub par.

    Most importantly from this performance, Fat Mike and Eric Melvin are accomplices to rape. Neither has spoken out against violence against women, advocated for safe-spaces at shows (rather, nonchalantly mentions that the scene in CA in the 80s was pretty violent.) He shows minor remorse (“hey, that’s not funny”) but nothing more. He looks for pity and to impress the audience, more than to speak out against rape. Mike has built a career on teenagers in love with songs about poop and sex and drugs (I listened to Punk in Drublic on repeat sophomore and junior year of high school). He has made millions on these consumers, writing songs about sex workers and hobos and drugs. Young men shouting “fuck hos!” during this story are a indication of the drunk, obnoxious, unaware shitbags of the sympathies of many of his fans.

    Mike needs to use his apparent fame to make a change. As an accomplice to rape, who is now out about it, he must, must, make a bold statement and action (he’s quite good about the statement part) to stop this violence. Piss, uncaring fathers, drug abuse, the tragic death of mothers, all great material for performance art. Maybe after he donates all the proceeds from a tour and record sales to rape prevention, he can take some theater classes.

  • anthony says:


    young potential rapists are not going to refrain from sexual violence because fat mike told them “rape isn’t cool, dudes”. it’s not as simple as “vote for kerry”.

    i think it’s interesting that you found this performance “cheap” and “sub par” and yet the issues that he addresses (whatever his stance on them may be, although if you’re receptive to emotion in the slightest, i think it’s pretty clear how he feels, even if he doesn’t make “bold statements”) are suddenly what all the people, yourself included, are talking about. and don’t you suppose that was the point??

  • Beau says:

    I dont even know who this Fat Mike guy is but, i like his style.

  • Ariana says:


    It is good that he’s bringing this out to people to discuss. It just feels like its too little, too late. I hope that Mike will continue to speak out against violence, and make it a topic of discussion and consideration.

    I suppose the point, frankly, was for Mike to whine about his life. He accomplished his goal of having people think and talk about him. Now that he has revealed such issues, I hope he finds peace, and continues to speak against violence. His art is not meta, it is not a commentary on anomie, its just kind of aimless.

    How did Kerry come in to this? He was 16, it was an act of gang violence. He could have called the police (though who knows if they would have been helpful at that point.) He can take action now.

    And saying “rape isn’t cool, dudes” is better than nothing. And people saying “rape isn’t cool” changes Rape Culture. It acknowledges its existence, and speaks against it. So truthfully, Fat Mike saying that it isn’t cool can in part help to change such violence.

    The emotion he presents is powerful. But commentary on it doesn’t need to be sycophantic.

  • hmmm says:

    while I don’t mind NOFX’s music, I never really cared for Fat Mike as a person. This performance kind of affirms that for me. I understand it was a “soul-baring” performance, but honestly he’s done some really shitty stuff in his life. I still think he’s an asshole (even if it was a good performance).

  • I think it would have been cooler if he told positive stories. Not only that, I mean these ones don’t really shock me except the breast milk one. I am not mad I missed this at all. I am a big NOFX fan. Just acoustic versions not into except scavenger type. Anyways it was a nice review thanks for posting it.

  • anthony says:


    i guess the kerry comment was kind of an inside joke, as fat mike spearheaded the “punkvoter” group in 2004 and put out those “rock against bush” records. just an example of a clear statement he has made in the past, as opposed to his stance on rape, which you interpret to be an ambiguous one.

    maybe i’m naive when it comes to “rape culture” because i just sort of assumed that no circles exist in which rape is acceptable.

    who are you to say that it’s fat mike’s certain duty to speak out about rape, just because he witnessed it once? and how audacious of you to call him an “accomplice” when he was a just helpless, and apparently clueless, bystander who couldn’t have done anything to stop it from happening anyway? besides all that, does fat mike really strike you as someone who could give two shits about “rape culture”?

    **FROM BEN – ANTHONY I already banned your last IP, and I’ll ban this one too should you not be able to treat people with an ounce of respect. Voice your opinion in a manner that’s conducive to reasonable dialog, or don’t do it at all **

    fat mike is a hedonistic, 40-something millionaire rock star. he knows damn well what’s right and what’s wrong. on this night he got fucked up on stage and related some intense personal stories in an awkward, dirty uncle-esque way. i can personally relate to a couple of his stories. guess what? i don’t feel a bit sorry for him. we all have dark places.

  • anthony says:

    the point i was trying to make anyway was, even if he thinks rape is the worst, does he really seem like a good spokesperson for rape prevention?

  • Ariana says:

    Everyone is a good spokesperson for “rape prevention.” Fat Mike’s primary market is teenaged boys who are bombarded with anti-woman images, and expectations of what constitutes real manhood. Speaking out against violence to a key demographic that needs to hear it is vital.

    Here’s a great link about Rape Culture (, by the authors of “Yes Means Yes” by Jacqulyn Freedman and Jessica Valenti. It is a wonderful collection of essays. I think we should be operating on the assumption that rape shouldn’t exist in any circles, and instances of rape and assault are out of the norm.

    Everyone should give two shits about rape. Mike clearly feels bad about it. And yes, it is Mike’s duty to speak out against rape, especially because he witnessed one.

    I am fully aware of the Rock Against Bust campaign. Good luck not getting your IP banned.

  • Vorhees says:

    If the cowardly ignoring of a rape story is true… you deserve your personal hell.

  • CaroRoatta says:

    I think this has a lot to do with what artists call Performance. Maybe it´s a cathartic exercise that shows the tension between being a punk rock star and facing real life. Or a methafor of how f*^¨ed up is society now without any moral concern about what´s right and wrong (besides the wear out discourses of religion and traditional politics)… Or maybe he does it just for fun. Anyway… even if it´s kind of pathetic it moves us to reflexion and critic. Like a poster that says “¡something´s wrong!”… and I like that.

  • JakeD says:

    Ok. I understand that we all want to believe in the outrageous assumption that actual urine went into that tequila bottle. Simple Psychology. But, keep in mind that there are products designed for consistent drug offenders that enable them to pass drug test. These range all the way from cleansing drinks to, you guessed it, fake penises. Now that that is out of the way, everything else about the performance was actually pretty artistic. For Fat Mike to reveal such intimate secrets and stories through a character that he himself fabricated was one of the coolest things a “punker” could do. The author here clearly didn’t take the time to analyze the performance from an artistic perspective and was all too quick to hop on the “urine train.” This work is to the effect of a tabloid.

  • poop says:

    Wah wah wah. He’s a millionaire with mommy and daddy issues and he peed in a bunch of stupid hipsters’ drinks. Who cares? 80% of people in the world live on less than $10 a day, but his problems are actually important because he’s a rich straight white male in a (terrible) band.

  • Loren says:


    “A woman has to be pregnant to lactate (you know, make milk.)”

    You do realize that women lactate so that they can feed their kids right? usually you don’t have to be pregnant still after the kid pops out. She said she had a two year old at home, she could definitely still be lactating…

  • john says:

    In one fell swoop Fat Mike has brought controversy, debate, repulsion, and awareness back to Punk Rock. It’s really something quite amazing. So many kids think that Punk Rock is about buying some clothes at Hot Topic and pissing off your parents. But Punk Rock was/is about pissing off your PEERS… it’s about riling up debate in a culture that all too often takes things for granted.

    Every aspect of this performance is not about bragging or making up fake stories, as some have suggested. It’s about questioning the audience to challenge their own assumptions. Would you, as a 16 year old kid act to stop a rape when it means confronting an older gang of guys who have actually killed people? Would you ignore your mom’s dying wish and let her slowly degenerate or would you fulfill it even though it means killing her? If you pride yourself on being kinky would you follow the lead of your dominatrix even if it meant drinking pee – something you never would have sought on your own? Do you have the balls to do it in the spirit of the game?

    And as you can see from this lively discussion, Fat Mike has pulled off his greatest aspect of the performance… he got everyone not only thinking about it but discussing it. And suddenly controversy is back in the world but so is thoughtful consideration. Kudos to him for that.

  • fat mike is boring says:

    That shit wast boring. I only wanted to hear him play music not tell his life story. i went to sxsw to rock not be part of a fucking confession. get it together fat mike, the world doesn’t revolve around you .

  • punk rawk 4ever says:

    lol @ nofx attempting to be relevant again

  • TSN says:

    his mission is accomplished… you’re all talking about his performance

  • reu says:


  • Chris says:

    This wasn’t about being Punk. This wasn’t about pity. This wasn’t about NOFX, it wasn’t any of that shit.

    It is pretty fucked up, but that’s the point. I haven’t seen the shit he’s seen, but of what little I’ve seen of this world, I know that there’s a lot more dark, scary, fucked up shit that make that entire set of his look tame and even civilized.

    There’s a lot that people turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to, or keep to themselves or consider not to be their problem or just a part of life that you don’t talk about. He just talked about it all and served a few people very fucking small dose of reality.

    This was about opening eyes, and getting some seriously heavy shit off his own chest, which we all need to do sometimes. And though maybe he was too scared or hurt or stupid to do anything about some of these things when they happened, at least he’s doing something now, and I respect that.

  • Ben says:

    Just noticed the piss was served in Less Than Jake shot glasses. That’s kinda funny.

  • no-op says:

    i just watched a recording. the rape story. You left out the fact that mike & melvin were about 17 years old and the men who told them to forget they saw anything were known violent gang members. Two important points i think before you judge.

  • fist_fucker says:

    @poop, you don’t honestly believe the guy from NOFX is a millionaire, do you?

  • reu says:

    the real tragedy here is that tv. where did he even find that thing? truly deplorable.

  • Ben says:

    @ no-op – After I wrote this article I was sent the video recording. As I stated twice in the article this was written from unaided memory. I totally agree that it is a point worth noting about their age, but I will not go back and appended this article after the fact. The point remains that the things that stuck with me are in there. You’ll also notice the absence of the story about when Mike got peed on by a dominatrix.
    I don’t believe too many people in here are suggesting that Mike should have gotten violent with a gang member at age 16. That being said by 16 you are plenty aware the difference between right and wrong. Payphones existed, he was in LA he could have flagged down a cop. I really don’t care if reporting a crime isn’t punk, or street.

  • YO! says:

    Anyone know where you can watch this at? They took it off Youtube.

  • han says:

    loving that the videos got removed from youtube due a copyright claim from fat wreck!

  • Ben says:

    @ han obviously they don’t need the video out there encouraging legal actions, or conversely demystifying the show.

  • Tijs says:

    Anybody have the bootleg to upload?? it’s been deleted everywhere else..

  • tre says:

    i gotta say, i appreciated this account of what seemed to be performance art along the lines of andy kaufman, until the video of the pee in the patron. had i been one of those unfortunate audience members, you would not see me smilingly flipping him off. i for one do not take kindly to unknowingly ingesting someone’s urine.

    obviously what he did for/to his mother has truly screwed his brain up, and somehow the stories he related have a cohesive element to them, leading chronologically to the assisted death of his mother. i don’t feel too badly for him, though, as he painted himself as a person without much moral character.

    that said, if you take out the shots of tequila-pee, i think it sounds like it was a very interesting show. not many people go out on stage to try to get reactions like that.

  • Peter says:

    is everybody too young to remember Charles Bukowski? as for an audience drinking pee… never judge a book by it’s cover. just ’cause it was in a tequila bottle doesn’t mean it wasn’t piss… and just ’cause he drank it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have thought twice about consuming anything handed to them by “Cokie the Clown”… if nothing else, maybe they should have read the lyrics to the self-titled song before waiting hours to get in and be offended…

    Cokie the Clown – NOFX

    All the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox.
    Show him a warm welcome, let’s get some applause.

    Greetings all, hello. Welcome to my show.
    I’m sure you’ll have fun watching me juggle
    8 balls at one time, I’m no fucking mime.
    I play practical jokes, this squirting flower.
    That wasn’t flour that blew up your nose.
    It’s my special blend of Ex, Coke and K.
    You should be okay in several hours.

    He’s got oversized shoes, and ill fitting clothes.
    That is real blood dripping from his fake red nose.

    I’m Cokie the Clown.
    I will drag you down those 12 giant steps.
    I brought you all presents.
    Against good judgement, but being a good host.
    You all have been dosed, the kettle corns been laced.
    The punch has been lined you’re having a great time,
    but you might not recall from the heminol
    in the lemonade, Cokie homemade…

    He’s the happiest clown with the biggest frown.
    He’s Cokie the Clown

  • Chantal says:

    I found this actually pretty powerful that Fat Mike could relate his stories. I’m a social worker, and I work specifically in homelessness and harm reduction and alot of these stories around substance use and trauma are some things I hear about quite often. So needless to say I can empathize with him (I don’t feel sorry for him though, that’s just paternalistic), he’s gone through alot. I would love to see this performance, minus the piss drinking, I’m not down with that shit haha!

    I think regardless of whether Fat Mike fits the image of spokesperson against rape isn’t the issue here though when it comes to rape culture. While no, we don’t want to believe rape is acceptable in any circles, in a north american context we live in a culture where sexual assault is often dismissed. Most women know their rapists (most often, they are intimate partners), women are often to afraid to even report a rape, often times when they do go through the criminal justice system they come out feeling even more victimized, alot of the time a rapist never sees prison time for the rape he committed, and many men get away with arguing that a woman “consented”. And different groups of women experience this sexism differently, because identities intersect. One only has to look at the experiences of trans women, sex workers, Aboriginal women in Canada to know that we live in a context where women are denied the right of control over their own bodies in even the most fundamental ways.

    Rape is not just a women’s issue, it’s a men’s issue, a family issue(in all sense of the word), it’s a community issue, and it’s a policy issue. Everyone needs to speak out against rape and sexual assault. Fat Mike included, and while I can understand that at the time it wouldn’t have been so simple, but I think the fact that he even mentioned it is a start in the right direction. We’re all talking about rape here, aren’t we?

  • Chantal says:

    No I hear ya, the suicide issue is also very complex.

    I think in both situations he probably felt quite powerless to react, and to judge him on that isn’t fair. I think it’s about the bigger messages you can pull out this, to get people talking about these things, to raise awareness about them, to engage people in critical thought and discussion. That is what art aims to do!

  • anthony says:

    what i take away from this is that people don’t take fat mike seriously. if you’ve seen him on stage with nofx, people yell and throw crap at him like it’s a freak show. he might as well be wearing clown makeup. at sxsw, he does exactly that, but instead of making people laugh (which would be obvious) he tells depraved and often sad stories about drugs, death, and gang rape. why has nobody realized this yet?


    we agree.

  • some guy says:

    Fat Mike is probably sitting at home doing lines of coke laughing at all you people getting so worked up over his performance… ahhh the internet,what a wonderful place.

  • Chantal says:

    Well, lets just hope he’s using a clean straw to snort with then! ;)Last thing he needs to add to the performance piece is contracting hep c!

  • andy dazzler says:

    what a dick!
    i wonder what his daughter will make of this when shes a teenager?

  • mike says:

    i watched my dad die. it killed me. i feel mike on that.

  • Joe says:

    Ariana stated that “Fat Mike’s primary market is teenaged boys who are bombarded with anti-woman images, and expectations of what constitutes real manhood.” Really? I think the average age of a NOFX fan is probably well over 20 years old, albeit there’s probably more male fans than female. Fat Mike knows, or at least hopes, that we are smart enough to hear that rape story and know that it is not an endorsement for that kind of behavior.

    Aside from the urine “gag” (whether it was real or not), the performance sounds like Mike was making a mockery of a “VH1 Storytellers” type of situation, while getting a lot of deep regrets off his chest. Whatever his intended purpose, its climax was definitely as close to a GG Allin performance as anyone has experienced in quite a while. If you don’t know who GG Allin was, his on-stage antics were way more extreme than any of this. Look him up.

    We should know one thing about NOFX; since 1983 they have created a lot of music. Their music contains messages that are sometimes serious and often satirical or just for their own amusement. I don’t know how you can take anything they say or do completely seriously. That point leads me to believe that perhaps Mike did have a prosthetic cock for the purpose of the “urine in the tequila” video.

    I’m sure they will continue to be a relevant band in what’s left of the punk rock scene because they’re not afraid to take risks. Maybe it went a little too far this time, but it got us talking about NOFX again. Some of us never stopped.

  • angel says:

    hey men hello im from monterrey mexico city im gonna speack in spanish becuse i wanto, yo soy tu pinche fan desde hace un vergo y la verdad me dio mucho coraje ver ke la gente de aki no te tomara en cuenta como lo ke eres, un chingon del punk,y yo me di cuenta ke te la estabas pelando por algo de droga y yo traia yte pude haber dado pero estaba muy lejos de ud

  • angel says:

    haber si te reportas conmigo antes de venir a mexico
    para ke veas lo ke es mexicooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!im sorry about you parents i understand

  • Bill Murray says:

    Been Done before.
    Andy Kaufman rip off.
    Played Out.
    That is all.

  • The Cheese says:

    The Rape — NONE of you would have done anything in the same situation. The Family / Circle One were no joke. Had Mike, Eric (or you) tried to stop them, there’s a real good chance they (you) would have died, literally.

    The Money — Mike is a millionaire many times over. He recently sold his house for $5 million:

    Overall — This is the punkest things I’ve seen / heard in years. BRAVO.

  • Matt says:

    Why would he bother with a fake dick? I wouldn’t imagine piss is harmful in such a small quantity (not that I’m speaking from experience.)
    It sounds like he’s a guy who doesn’t have much to lose and isn’t afraid of pushing the envelope in a way that he can’t with NOFX. Whoever said that people don’t take him all that seriously is dead on. NOFX, for all their politicism and sharp satire are still predominantly perceived as a comedy band. I love them, but it’s just how it goes.

    As for the stories, it doesn’t matter whether they are true, embellished or entirely fictional. It was a performance with the intentions of unsettling the audience and it clearly worked.

    Ten points to Fat Mike.

  • igor says:

    Whoops I OD’d…
    Cause I never feared consequences.
    Hate regrets more than apologies…

    he OD`d again 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder if fat mike got that urine trick from my frat brothers? They’re always tricking me into drinking urine. It’s really fucking punk.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a 14 year old i thought nofx was funny. as a 30 year old i think nofx is right.

  • Bonkers says:

    That’s a rad Bait and switch. Just as they’re feeling sorry for him, they start feeling sick for their piss soaked stomach. Balls…

  • Me says:

    I knew Mike’s dad. He really tried to make amens at the end. Very sad.

  • Berry says:

    The drinking piss part has actually made it onto the TMZ website. They have the video up. They claim the Austin Health Dept. is looking into what happened. This has garnered a lot more attention than I ever would’ve expected it to.

  • Kenny Nonymous says:

    None of you would have tried (or likely would have been able) to stop that purported rape. The people involved as described were def. not people to fuck with and whether Mike or Eric could have actually done anything extra like try to call the police into the situation then, it would have been too late. Shit like that was unfortunately commonplace in the male-dominated LA scene and while I am no apologist for rapists or others who commit crimes of power or intimidation over anyone, men women or children — I think they should all be buried under the fucking jail — there is no way anyone can really blame Mike and Eric now for their inaction over 20+ years ago as kids as witnesses to sexual misconduct. If you were there and living through those times you might feel differently, but I doubt it.

    Say what you will about their lifestyles, money or general tomfoolery these days, but those guys have ALWAYS given a fuck with or without the trappings of success, even when all the LA punks were laughing at them and considered them a joke band, they kept after it, got really good and successful and have stayed true to their intent (and I would offer to some extent one of punk’s original intentions) to stir some shit up, make some people think, and, yes, sometimes put people out of their comfort zone. It can happen when we least expect it in life and we all would react differently to situations similar to the ones attributed to Mike in his sxsw show. Sometimes we are just powerless, and it’s not always of our own design to find ourselves in situations like that, but it can happen, and we make do.

  • Ben says:

    @ Berry – Ya our servers were down for 90 minutes yesterday because we were pushing close to 10k visits per hour. A lot of attention to say the least.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the writeup, I’ve read it a bunch of times at this point, appreciate the time it took to put it together. My one issue with it is that you repeatedly say “Mike did this” or “then, Mike picked up..”. No. It’s Cokie. And I think that’s what a lot of people aren’t getting, or are glossing over (intentionally or not).

    I think it’s funny that it seems a lot of people find this performance easy to categorize, insult, or dismiss. I suppose that makes it easier. I haven’t been able to shake this since I read it, and I think that’s a testament to the power of the performance, any performance – it’s ability to elicit emotion and thought. Cokie certainly succeeded in that here, didn’t he?

  • john says:

    Props to BEN!!! He broke this story even though TMZ gave the attribution to a f*cking blog that just linked to here. But we all know the truth. They may call this “breaking news” over at TMZ but we’ve been talking about this all week thanks to this reviewer!

  • Anonymous says:

    This was absolutely disgusting. The fact that this man is looked up to by teens and grown adults makes me sick. I used to love seeing NOFX and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, but after seeing Mike and how he really acted in his personal life, I was sick to my stomach. I will never support his bands or his label again. Too bad for the other bands.

    I feel awful for his wife and his kid. They are the ones that must live with the reality of his sick and twisted mind. I feel truly terrible for them.

  • Ash says:

    “No. It’s Cokie. And I think that’s what a lot of people aren’t getting,”

    Pretty sure Mike watched a girl carried off to be raped.. not Cokie.

  • Wes Rich says:

    Fat Mike is a fucking god. The show makes perfect sense, flipping the usual role of a clown. He dresses normal and acts like a clown on stage, so he dressed like a clown and told real stories that impacted his life and his music.

    The piss gag is the rowdiest shit. Fat Mike should have been on the cover of Maximum Rock and Roll for sure.

    Everyone who doesn’t get Fat Mike, don’t go to NoFX shows, we don’t want you there

  • Joe says:

    Stay safe, Mike. You’re a genius. Don’t let morons and haters get ya down, although the piss thing was nasty.

  • really says:

    Dude, I know a chick that dated this dude 20 years ago and she said 100% don’t eat anything backstage .. these guys have been putting feces in food for their “fans” for 20 years .. seriously twisted people

  • Rusty Chrome says:

    i was there… it was a creepy set. But, im chalking it up as an Andy Kaufman kinda deal.I wanna believe that the piss part of the show was a joke, a trick, but i seen the video a few times, and it looks damn real. I personally wouldn’t think it too funny if i just saw evidence on video, that someone pissed in my drink. But I watched Mike off stage during the video reveal…and nobody smashed his face or caused great bodily harm… Im guessing it was a great, on the edge, dramatic performance. And all the twisted subjects he spoke of got the audience to really think about…and re-evaluate our own personal morals/values. It was great performance art !!! but still creepy as fuck.

  • mchughncds says:

    brilliant?….!! fucked up??… perhaps. the delivery was spot-on amazing! granted, i saw the “cokie” set after the “hype.” i am a very loyal very long-time NOFX fan! but i get it.. mike snapped. cokie is his escape! let him do it please! if its real or not (the pee,) did you not hear anything that he had to say? Guys, we know this.. mike NEVER opens up about himself personally.. “the war on errorism” started it… “wolves…. ” continued it… and “coaster” brought it home… the “cokie…” ep iced the cake.. look at the symbolism? mike is the frontman of a VERY promanant punkrock band. for 20 years, almost expected, to be a “clown” on stage., while packing the off stage life away, until whichever tour is over… SHIT BUILDS UP!! i know that i can never ever relate to those stories on a personal level.. but i have seen rape! ive seen my dad shoot my grandmas hand apart.. i held my friend after he got shot in the neck and died in my arms.. id like to call myself “punk” after 29 years on this earth of claiming to be…but give me a mic.. some-odd-hundreds of people.. the chance to bare my soul as a “performance art” peice… WATCH ME CHOKE!! Fuck yeah mr. burkett! well done sir

  • Kevin says:

    Urine is, practically, one of the cleanest/sterile substances that can be excreted by a human being.

    Quit whining.

    This performance sounds like it was, hands down, amazing. It’s a shame it was a “one-time-only” thing. I would have loved to witness Cokie’s laments.

    Does anyone know if there’s a place to find footage of the actual concert (so far, all I can find is the part where he pisses in the Patron)?

  • bozo is turning over in his grave

  • Thalas says:

    This is one of the most epically punk things Fat Mike or NOFX have ever done. Reminds of punk’s early days when it was underground. I’d happily drink his pee at a show.

  • Natalie says:

    After reading this I regret ever being a fan of NOFX. The piss thing is disgusting enough, but only being concerned with stealing your dead friends belongings after finding him dead, letting a helpless girl be carried away and be raped and who knows what else and not doing a fucking thing about it. This makes me feel disgusted with the human race to know there are people this LOW and can be in the public eye. FUCK FAT MIKE. and all the rest of them for that matter.

  • Natalie says:

    I don’t care if it is the most sterile thing a human can secrete I would have stabbed that mother fucker if I took one of those shots.

  • fred says:

    fat mike is obviosly lost his fucking mind if the show was all right before its not any more this shit is trash what a loser i dont get only brain washed fat mike male groupy would

  • Kevin says:


    I understand why someone would be mad about the piss thing. But, the stories are his experiences and leave no right for anyone to judge him on. As far as the rape thing goes, Mike and Melvin were 16 years old when that happened. That’s some pretty heavy fucking shit for a 16 year old to go through.

    I can tell you with honesty, if I saw some dudes dragging a girl like that when I was that young, I would have been frightened, scarred and went upstairs to forget what I saw.

  • william says:

    This is the most fucked up thing i have ever heard. If I took a shot of his piss, i will anally rape him.

  • bm says:

    If all of this is true, and its not just some elaborate act, he does not deserve any of the fame he has gotten. He is a disgusting human being.

  • Paul Allen says:

    HAHAHAHAHA, seems like fat face has hit rock bottom, what a loser! I hope he did the world a favor and shot himself in the face at the end of the night! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Stinky Jack says:

    Fat Mike is a genius. If you don’t believe that, listen to some NOFX and listen to the lyrics. Shit, read the damn lyrics. As far as this show, particularly… sounds like it was amazing. I would have loved to have been there. If anyone wants to get mad about the “piss thing,” go the fuck ahead, but remember that piss is sterile, and with that much alcohol in the bottle already, it would have killed anything, regardless. Regardless, hearing the stories Mike told had to have been amazing, and I would have loved to been there.

  • Natalie says:

    Yes I can honestly say that at the age of 16 I would have located a phone and called the police. I could not have walked way and pretend to forget about that. It is not his fault for witnessing that and it would be a terrible situation to be in, but much worse for the girl who had no one to count on as people sat and watched her being carried out of a club.

  • cloie says:

    I don’t think that any of this is true. He may be fucked up, but guys, Fat Mike is an ENTERTAINER. He is paid to put on a spectacle, and look what he did. Almost a week later people are still talking about it. I highly doubt that he actually pissed in the alcohol, and if he did then maybe people at shows should consider only consuming liquor if they get it from the bar, where the person handing you the drink is being held accountable. As for the stories, I’ve seen NOFX live a few times, and don’t believe anything they say onstage. They’re all full of it, and Fat Mike is the most full of it. Take what he said with a grain of salt.

  • Dissent says:

    This has been really bothering me since I read about it a day ago. Feeding your urine to the people who take an interest in and support your art just seems like such an asshole rockstar thing to do and is totally incongruous with what I’ve always thought I know about Fat Mike. Also the story of doing nothing to help the rape victim has really depressed me. If the story is true it just completely shakes what I’ve thought and felt about this band for so many years. If it’s not true I guess I don’t see why it’s funny. I’ve got tickets to their upcoming show in my town and now I’m feeling weird about even going.

  • Natalie, the fact that the performance was dedicated to retelling those events indicates that they’ve been tormenting his entire life. Dunno what to make of the G.G. Allin-esque antics, but I do know pain when I see it. If you’re truly a fan, then you know how rarely he bears his soul.

  • Kevin says:


    I agree with you 100%.

    I was mildly disturbed reading the description of the show, not because I felt that Fat Mike is some kind of sick, motherfucker. But, because due to the fact that Mike has always been a humerous sort, and not one to let things get to him, it was very sad to see him talk about the things he talked about.

    I guess when I read it, the first thing I thought was “I hope I don’t read his name in the obituary tomorrow”. I guess that’s a little much to say, but I’m sure you get my point.

    It’s very strange to associate emotional pain with Fat Mike. Maybe this is something he’s just needed to get off of his chest for the past 20 years.

    Sorry for the rant.

  • Margie says:

    You can tell from the photos of his face he’s trashed out on something; I though he gave that shit up, he’s got a kid, man. Really sad. I’ve been in the industry and seen a lot of terrible stuff, but just reading this article trumps every nasty thing II have ever seen. And I’m supposed to go see NOFX in May; considering selling the tickets, now. Jesus.

  • broloaf says:

    fat mike is a fucking genius

  • Anni says:

    Anyone putting Fat Mike down because of the things he may or may not have done in his past should really take a look in the mirror, and if you’ve never faced any situations like the ones he spoke of, you have no idea how you would really react. SO SHUT YOUR HOLES and stop acting like your better than thou, usually your the ones that end up being the worst of them all….. As far as the pee goes LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there and am just glad I wasn’t up front, cuz I’m the first one in line for free booze!

  • teatray says:

    I’ve always gotten a troubled vibe from Mike, but hearing all this is way heavier than i could have imagined.

    dude needs to lay off the drugs and get his head straight, he has a wife and kid to think of now.

    I remember when his mom was sick, a bunch of international shows got cancelled so he could be with her. sucks man.

  • Aesop Dekker says:

    Brilliant, Brave, Poignant. Wasn’t a fan before, am now.

  • G Sus says:

    wow…i have alot of respect for him…im not sure wether or not i should take that last piece as humor or as symbolism

  • randy says:

    everything else is passable except for the girl getting raped….i mean c’mon people? she could be dead now for all we know. this girl might not ever have been seen again and her parents are still wondering what ever happened to her…

  • kelly collier says:

    He drinks to mask the pain, the pain is “his demons”, we all have our demons-most of us run and hide from, avoid, or deny ours; he wanted to make peace with his. Obviously, many will be disturbed by the uncomfortable nature of his honesty, but somehow, i can’t help but feel honored. I’ve always been in awe of his “in your face” and controvercial artistic expression- but now I’m left in awe of his bravery.

  • NeckBreaker says:

    That’s awesome that he plays you like fools and you are “in awe” of his “in your face” artistic expression. If I had been there you would have seen my artistic expression. I would have gone on stage and broke his F***ing neck for doing that!

  • Uhhh says:

    ^ That’s because you’re super, fucking tough. Duh!

  • huge fan says:

    fat mike is probably the best song writer in the business! he is a very smart man, and the fact that he made people drink his piss and showed them after is very funny, he is a fucked up dude! but would nofx be as rad as they are if he was normal like the rest of you sheep?

  • not too sensitive says:

    the guy has had a fucked up life, just like everyone else in the world. lets try not act too sensitive cuz none of you have virgin eyes or ears or words. hes more brave than most musicians in the US. the most brave in the state of texas by far!!!

  • russo says:

    nofx fans always seemed like sheep to me, taking Fat Mike’s word as holy scripture. im glad i haven’t listened to his band in ages. seems like a huge dick.

  • POONY says:

    this dude may have made a few good songs but he is not a good person and people who sit here and try to justify what he has said he has done for the amount of good music he has made are in the wrong !

  • pat says:

    cant tell if its the best or saddest thing ive read in a long time.

  • Joe says:

    Did you guys actually watch the set? He’s not pro rape. He told the rape story to basically describe why he wrote the song “The Decline” about how it’s easier to do nothing and lie to ourselves instead of doing the right thing. He said several times, “Stop laughing, this isn’t funny”. He was trying to be serious and morons kept heckling him. They made it awkward. He tried to tell the story of his mom dying and people were laughing and mocking him. He said, “If there is ever a time to shut up, this is it.” before then. He was trying explain something that was killing him inside and losers were making fun of him. The suicide story he wasn’t bragging or endorsing what he did, he was saying that he didn’t know what to do and felt like he killed he because he couldn’t stop him even though he wishes he had. Again morons were laughing. The whole clown getup was showing that he felt like a clown on stage performing for morons, while burying really feelings deep inside.

    The whole thing was dark, but it was basically a deep “Unplugged” set and nobody got it. He didn’t appear wasted or on drugs like everyone’s saying. The only time he appeared to lose it was after singing and talking about his mom dying, he almost started crying a little and then choked it back.

    I don’t know if the pee thing was real or if he used a “Whizzinator”. Either way it’s funny and gross. But after watching the video I hope it was real, because the disrespectful audience deserved to drink pee the way they acted.

    Fat Mike’s not “losing it” or “falling off the deep end”. He tried to open himself up and people treated him like crap. You’re the man, Mike, and I’m sorry that no one gets you. You sang that you feel like Charleston Heston strandard alone on a primate planet because everyone’s morons and doesn’t get you and I see why. Just know that not everyone’s that stupid and some people understand you. You’re a genious and hopefully you can be happy because you’ve made one of the best bands ever and brought happiness to millions. Don’t let the morons get to you.

  • Debbie says:

    Brilliant. I’m bummed that I missed this. Fat Wreckords should make a short out of this!

  • KMAC says:

    I’m sorry, but feeding piss to people is not brilliant in any way. Ive been a NOFX fan for years and years, and each time I’ve seen them perform, I lose a little respect for Mike. He’s acted more and more like a rock star prick, and less like the profound musician and person I once greatly admired. To me, the Cokie the Clown concept is cool in a sense, and obviously Mike has earned the right to take whichever artistic avenue he chooses. But I can’t get past giving fans piss to drink, no matter how disrespectful they are. I’m truly disappointed.

  • okiecore says:

    Are any of you guys fucking serious? This is not brave this is sad. I’m an alcoholic and a recovering addict, and have enough skeletons to feel many closets. I’m a fan of NOFX’s music, but not of Fat Mike. I’ve always thought he was a prick, with his “punker than you” attitude. I once saw him play and say, “if you don’t believe what we do you’re not punk.” Really, I’m glad to say I’m not punk then.

  • jordan from yelm says:

    dude. KAMC is fucking stupid. go die you prick. fat mike is fat mike. end of story. he can act however he likes. your just jealous because you didnt make anyone drink your piss before he could. fat mike is a punk. thats what punks do. if you dont like it, then your not a nofx fan. am i saying i would totally have ppl drink my pee? no. but then again, im nowhere near as badass as fat mike.

    i thought this entire thing was amazing. very dark and sad. and at other times, funny. fat mike is the shit.

  • sean says:

    @ Joe: THANK YOU! I didn’t think I would ever run into someone I agree with on this subject, but you said it best. Fuck alot of his fans… people spit on him night after night while he performs for them. Spit by the way actually has a lot more bacteria in it than piss. I know I’d rather drink at most a teaspoon of piss mixed with (sterilizing) alcohol than have countless people spit on me. Don’t expect an apology from him any time soon (if it wasn’t a whizzinator in the first place that is). Oh and @okiecore: if I know even the slightest thing about fat mike I’d say it sounds like he was being sarcastic when he said that, but you’ll find whatever other reason to hate anyway so no need to argue it.

  • word. says:

    gotta agree with sean and joe. while disagreeing with lots of what fat mike says and does, i still love his songwriting. also, after seeing countless nofx shows, i have to agree that most of the fans are shitty. i hate admitting to people that i love nofx because of those people. but then again fat mike can be pretty intimidating, and sometimes you just want to give him the finger.
    with love,

  • Shope says:

    Watch the video (it’s kind of everywhere right now) before developing an opinion on the performance. It’s more of a dark comical bit (at the audience’s expense) then a unfolding tragedy.

  • frank t. says:

    well, big fuckin whoop. it’s just a little piss, get used to it. he even took shots of it himself so i wouldn’t feel sorry at all. i would be cautious accepting anything from cokie as well. even if there was urine in the alcohol, you’re drinking fuckin alcohol for fuck’s sake so who gives a fuck. you’re dumb if you think that the small amount of urine could be more hazardous to your body than the alcohol. aside from that, well, needless to say the whole set looks fucking crazy. im a fan of fat mike and his music and generally him as a person. people think he is an asshole, but probably have no clue about all the good stuff he does/has done. i wonder why the videos have been taken down…kinda weird considering he did this whole thing live at a show for people to see. i really wanna hear the acoustic versions of the songs.

  • Carlos says:

    Where can this video be found?

  • Sara says:

    Was it wrong for him to pee in the tequila? OF COURSE!!! But look at how we’re all on this site, reading about this, and what everyone else thinks of this. Someone just asked where they can find the video…while we find this disgusting, we’re still entertained and intrigued….so he did his job, just in a completely different and psychotic way. I’m also not sure about the mood the blogger describes, in that photo of the audience, they all looked shocked, happy, and entertained. While it may have been a fucked up and depressing set as some described it….it certainly isn’t something that those that went to it will ever forget.

  • bababa says:



    although in all seriousness

  • Bill Jorgenson says:

    Having seen the video, this was a great performance. Props to Fat Mike. Fuck people who won’t understand.

  • xoutofstepx says:

    Assuming this is all true of his past – this is just friggin sad.

  • Austin says:

    This is morbid and dark, but it’s Fat Mike, what do you expect? Really sad about his mother though. Mad respect for him.

  • rbrg says:

    Are you guys really believing the pee gag. Come on. Did you see the video, there was plenty of time/moving, blurry camera time to easily change bottles. They even told Emo it was a slight of hand gag.
    The performance was great, don’t think any of it was out of the ordinary bad. When your 16 and a bunch of dudes tell you shut up or we’ll kill you I’d say 90% of people would walk away, especially if you knew they belonged to a violent gang or whatever you want to call it. Gotta remember punk rock wasn’t as safe back in the 80s as it is today. Even when I was going to shows in LA and south bay as a teen in the 90s it was way more violent, rowdy and crazier than it is now, WAY MORE.

    Try remembering when you were a dumb fcked up kid, it’s not always easy to make the best choices. The writer’s recap seemed to leave out a lot of important parts of the story and end up making Fat Mike look like a dick.

  • CLOG says:

    Well, Emo’s and SxSw believed it enough to officially ban Fat Mike…so yeah.

  • why says:

    Emo’s wants to distance them selves from it so yeah they banned him, even after stating they were told it was a gag and not real, just slight of hand. And the health department is Not investigating, doesn’t that tell you something?

  • My Friend Brett says:

    This was all only to convey the fact that if Fat Mike pours you a drink, don’t drink it.

  • My Friend Joel says:

    Think before you drink.

  • Dnads says:

    Drinking pee wont kill you. in fact it can save you if you are trapped in a mine, or at the front of a cokie the clown show and feeling parched. You all love Fat Mike, no matter what he does or say. When I saw him in Monterrey, Mexico he told 2000 Mexicans “F*ck Christianity and F*ck Jesus Christ” and they just swallowed it (and they LOVE Jesus in Mexico), just like everyone at this show swallowed his pee, no matter what we all love him, and he can do and say whatever the f*ck he wants. If he is actually banned from SXSW then they are all a bunch of wankers who should have never booked Fat Cokie The Clown Mike.

  • marty says:

    hell no i don’t love fat mike, dude just did it all for the shock factor and it worked – that shits lame. i’m not impressed by the piss gag, anybody could have done that.

  • Fat Mike Eats Dick says:

    Letting a girl get raped, what a piece of shit…i’ve lost any respect for that dude

  • NoFuck says:

    well fuck, I dunno. We all have dark secrets, just most of us don’t have the balls to tell the world! Mike does have his own daughter, don’t forget that… You know by the songs that he writes that he has heart and soul so… Seems to me like this was some kind of fucked up public therapy for him. Seems like he got a lot off his chest! Still fucked though! I don’t believe the pee thing. Gotta remember… its still a stage act!

  • hollY says:

    fuck. i wish i could unread that. thats so overly fucked up. i feel so bad for him but at the same time, ive kiiinda lost some respect for him.

  • Rock n Roll, muthafuckas. Oh, and fuck that guy.

  • I never had much respect for him.

    Now I have none.

    Could you ever imagine Joe Strummer doing this?

  • Toph says:

    I gained respect for him.

  • Porcelina says:


    You gained respect for a person that looks the other way while a girl gets gang raped?

    You’re a douche.

  • Hal says:

    I watched the whole show on line and it is actually very intense! You need to hear the whole story told by Mike. It is quite sad!

  • Phil says:

    @Fat Mike Eats Dick: You’re right. He probably should have told the staff at the bar. Of course, if he had, he would have most likely gotten his throat slit. The gang dudes looked right at him, which means they’d have recognized him and found him later. Ever dealt with an LA gang member? No? Ever watched any movies about the 1980’s LA gang scene? They aren’t exaggerating.

  • antisocialworker says:

    I dont wanna sound like a queer or nuffin, but isnt mike jewish?
    maybe its the crappy quality, or maybe the rabbi was drinkin Patron.
    cause it looks as though he left some forskin on that pecker.

  • antisocialworker says:

    oh wait, just seen the video……disfuckingusting! lol he’s got a unique and clever sense of humor though, gotta give him that!

  • Sjerger says:

    I have seen the most shocking things that punk and rock has had to offer and will say, this is just sad even if it is not true. My thought’s are a drag because I have been a fan for 20 years. Goodbye NOFX.

  • Ben says:

    I will say something that hasn’t been talked about much here is the fact that Mike is a partner in a high end turn-of-the-century style restaurant soon to open in Park Slope, NY. Wow bad press for a guy about to open a restaurant.

  • TheEyeOfZorro says:

    This man is an artist, a business man and a tortured soul clearly.
    Artists express themselves and sometimes audiences get hit with shit.
    Just ask anyone who saw GG Allen live.
    This was just an honest man expressing himself and I hope it was pee.

  • That shit happens says:

    To state it plain and keep it moving is admirable—Seen the same situation once and yer helpless as shit but…I hope it was pee too

  • scott says:

    Hope Mike Ness would kick this fuckin pusses ass.

  • Dustin Wampler says:

    Fat Mike is the greatest song writer in the world and he never sold out. He keeps punk alive. Punkrock is suppose to be affensive. I hope its pee. If that hurt anyones feelings than they shouldnt be at punk show ,go listen to emo. you might fit in there.

  • Matty Mech says:

    This all sounds sad and horrible. For those who think the pee thing is a gag… knowing and seeing the kind of shit he has done and is capable of doing, it really wouldn’t surprise me at all if he truely did it. He’s had a fucked up past and I can see why he is the asshole punk he is.

  • Brad says:

    @Dustin Wampler

    That is probably the most unintelligent comment on this article. You must live a very sheltered life.

  • Joseph Minissale says:

    Fat Mike has always been punk and NOFX rocks. I hope he doesn’t O.D.

  • Stew Harkness says:

    Everything that was said to have gone down was heavy to say the least. I just think that the “Turning a blind eye to a rape” story was just so horrific that it defies belief.

    That would haunt me everyday for the rest of my life. (Not helping that poor girl.)

    Does anyone know where he was coming from by telling that story? Was he sharing a moment that he felt guilt/shame about? Or was he just telling a fucked up story for the sake of it? To me it’s not that clear right now.

  • nated says:

    i just think its funny that mike has a huge issue with people spitting on him yet he got people to drink his piss. hail mike.

  • blades112 says:

    Serving piss to people without them knowing it does not make you punk. It makes you a prick.
    Having said that, I doubt he would really have done that to fans.

  • sean says:

    @stewharnkess why dont you watch/listen to the show if its so difficult for you to understand. Pretty sure he wasn’t telling it to be cool, seeing as he discussed assisting his own mother in suicide a few moments later and probably doesn’t look back fondly on that memory either.

  • sean says:

    oh and @nated, dont you think people spitting on him might just be what drove him to do the piss trick? you sound like you think his disgust with being spat on should have made him not want to do it…

  • KMAC says:

    Hey Jordan from Yelm, people like you are the reason I don’t want to be considered “punk”. You can’t accept that some people have differing view points, and you can’t think for yourself. Just because it was Fat Mike who pulled this off, you think it’s cool and punk. If it was one of those douches in Good Charlotte, you’d probably be talking shit. I am a huge fan of NOFX, and have been for a long, long time. The fact that I think this was stupid doesn’t change that. I would love for you to tell me how drinking Mike’s piss makes the show more poignant. And more importantly, why exactly do you give a shit what I think about it? The fact that I can think for myself enough to think that this whole thing was lame only means that I am not some stupid kid who will go along with anything that a guy like Fat Mike does, which is exactly what you are. Think for yourself. If you really do respect making people drink your piss just because you can, and because it’s “punk”, that’s fine dude. But you should respect the fact that I disagree and realize that it doesn’t make me more or less of a fan. Stop acting like a stupid scenester little kid and realize that thinking for yourself is what punk is about, not just going along with anything that a dude like Fat Mike does just because he’s an amazing songwriter and one of the most influential current punk musicians. Use your goddamn brain dude, and stop worrying about what I think.

  • Mike DuBeau says:

    It’s 5 am. I hope mike doesn’t die anytime soon. mikes music (for me) is in a class all alone. we all do fucked up shit on the down-low. Mike shows you his fucked up side sometimes. it’s cool. i guess. i like it n’ if u don’t. be a tool about it, get upset, hate him. You’re hate an dis-stain for him is why i love him.

  • Travis says:

    Fat Mike is a Genius for doing this, its funny how dumb many other NOFX fans are from what your saying here. I respect if you think drinking pee is gross i do to but that is part of the overall message of the performance.

  • I think it’s awesome! I applaud the man for showing his skeletons and his dick. He is truely the last real punk living. and will always be an inspiration to me.

  • @Brad- You’re a dumbass.

    I applaud the man for showing his skeletons (and his dick) publically. I’m sure nobody else would have the balls to do so.

    Fat Mike is seriously one of the last “true” punks alive, and I’m happy as hell to have the opportunity to live during his reign.

    Viva la Fat Mike!

  • guy says:

    the piss thing was rather funny, but if the stories about killing his own mother and letting a girl get raped are true then i’m absolutely horrified.

  • Leon says:

    fat mike is a really great songwriter, and the fact that lots of shit did happen to him, and he did lots of shit, that was the punkrockscene in the 80s and 90s, today it is different in all ways. people did lots of that kind of shit, i have read alot about it so im not surprised.. i wouldnt ever feel pity for friends who kill themself, they better go and kill themselfs. fat mike tells us the truth and talks his heart out and the people who were there are some lucky ass fellas. that show will in my opinion be legendary. all respect for fat mike who is still doing the best of punkrockshows and the rest of nofx, these people actually still is alive and still have the best of times, fat mike is one of people that is actually human enough to handle shit like that, and i respect him for it.

  • day2daze says:

    if you seen the TMZ video then you’ll see that he drunk it too! xD
    so it wasn’t that bad >.> unless you have a weak stomach and can’t take the fact that you drunk his pee.
    the stories about the other shit are sad as fuck, but that’s the only thing horrifying. not the fact that he served his own urine.

  • Dustin Wampler says:

    Brad you must be an Emo kid. There was nothing unintelligent about my comment. It was just my thought on the subject.For you to say I live a sheltered life because of that comment,shows that you have no idea what your talking about. So think before you speak,or type in this case.

  • Ha says:

    “Cokie The Clown” is probably really funny if you are 13. A lot less funny to the people that unwittingly drank piss. This whole shtick just seems like he’s being edgy, for the sake of it. None of it is groundbreaking, or thought provoking. It’s just cheesy, man. Grow up, Fat Mike.

  • Al says:

    NOFX changed my life. I was given a tape aged 12 and listening to that gave me energy, bravery and gumption. The lyrics too were poignant, clever and often funny and they helped me start writing. I have always thought Fat Mike a genius. Now, the one thing that kills me in this whole story is his account of watching that girl being dragged away. The drinking piss thing is gross but he’s not the first and it’s twisted but it’s not evil so leave it to the side for a moment. The story of his Mum, now that is an account of bravery, it’s a hard decision but one born of devotion. Watching a girl being dragged away and going off to watch your gig is disgusting, cowardly and inexcusable. However you try to rationalise it, as people have been, doing NOTHING is pathetic.

    The piss incident is a big straw man distracting people from this, the most important, aspect of the story. He is a great musician but this renders him so fucking spineless it makes me sick. That is not punk, rock, or anything. Did he have a regret to share, a message for any other teenage cowards who may witness things and shut up? No. Where’s the the fucking message? “Hey look at me, I’m Fat Mike and I’m a fuck up”. Ist that it? Well done then.

  • FUMANCHU says:

    @Ha: I was not there. I am not even a “punk rocker”. I like punk, and I understand something (not everything, but something) about the roots of the genre/sub-culture. I also understand what performance art is, and I think, at least from what the article relates, that this was intentionally performance art. Most “punks” I know come from cushy, affluent, suburban homes where they got just about everything they always wanted. Maybe their parents split, but, generally speaking, they’ve had very easy lives, hence all the shocking stories Mike told. I have a feeling that Mike’s decision to dress up as a clown, come out on stage fucked out of his head, and tell stories that make anything bad from the lives of those in the audience’s lives seem like a walk in the park, was his way of saying “oh yeah? you think you know what the psychological roots of punk are?” Think of it for a moment: Sid Vicious living in squalor, fucked out of his head next to his dead girlfriend; Iggy Pop writhing around on broken glass because he was too messed up to care; hell, even Ozzy, biting the heads off of those doves is more “punk” than most things “punk” nowadays. From what I can gather, punk began as a violent rejection of everything that mainstream culture stood for, and it had to be because its pioneers tended to come from the same sort of fucked up backgrounds that Mike was talking about. How many of those early punk rockers do you think could have afforded tickets for this festival? Now, it’s just another insulated, pre-packaged, commodity like everything punk set out to rebel against, and the people who are into it are the very sorts of people who would have rejected and scorned the early punks…on their way to the disco. Of course, that’s a generalization, but I think it’s probably mostly accurate. Is it okay to make people drink your pee? No. Does it show how you really feel about them? Yep.

  • FUMANCHU says:

    PS. I’m not challenging anybody’s right to claim “punkhood”, whatever that means. I’m trying to explain that that’s probably what Mike was doing.

  • matt says:

    its the most fucked concert since dimebag darrell got shot by the sounds of it, i think he just had to get shit off his chest and he felt this was the best way

  • Stew Harkness says:

    Hey KMAC, I agree with you totally. People like Fat Mike and Propagandhi for another example force you to think for yourself. So it would be somewhat hypocritical for someone to agree with everything they did and then claim to be a ‘free-thinker’.

    Look, it might be hard to accept for some people, but everyone’s human and everyone does stuff here and there that other people may think is out of line. Quite obviously some people aren’t that keen on drinking someone elses wee. Even if it is the great ‘Fat Mikes’ piss it’s still just piss. So I can’t see how anyone is surprised at the offence taken.

    To be honest everyone here is claiming to be punk whilst having a nerdy online discussion. I’m no punk. I’m a plumber who loves punk music.

  • Korious says:

    “The more you take the piss the less people you can trust” (SUBHUMANS)Maybe all the stories were said to highlight the inescapable reality that we have no control over what infects/affects us and when we do you still get infected/affected anyhow.

  • joao says:

    hi fumanchu. i dont know who u r, and i will never know. im even probably writing from the other side of the planet. anyway, your coments in all aspects was good. on acid now..:D

    take care!

  • Proesnie says:

    sad story… thanx for sharing though

  • Punkrocker says:

    I wanna see another person get up there and share their stories. It probably wouldnt happen. Its punk rock. They are offensive assholes and thats the best part. You drank his pee? How many people can say they did that? The 80’s and 90’s were different from today, so some of the stuff he said would probably not even happen. Stop being dicks about it, you wouldnt do it. You dont have the guts. Fat Mike has been through shit, obviously he has a hard time with it but maybe hes trying to get past it, so stop judging. We have all had ups and down and made mistakes. & as for his pee. Its punk rock, something fucked up has to happen.

  • Jamie Lamb says:

    Fuck yeah Mike! In all his years of triumph and tradgedy, this is exactly what can and will happen to a man. He is a true product of his environment. Not that he’s a bad person, but sinesterly indifferent.

    I say good for you being you bro! And a big thank you for all the great misic we enjoy during any moment(s) of our sometimes equally fucked-up lives.

  • thom says:

    “they did exactly that and went upstairs…”?! what a revolting piece of shit