Cloud Nothings Ready Live Record, Announce Festival Appearances Cloud Nothings Ready Live Record, Announce Festival Appearances

Rock and roll wunderkinds and easy contenders for Pinpoint’s band of the friggin’ year, Cloud Nothings, today announced they would be releasing a limited white label 12″ entitled Live at Grog Shop. The album, recorded (duh) live at the Grog Shop in the band’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio will be a vinyl-only release, limited to 1,000 copies and featuring a personalized, hand-drawn image by the band on it’s sleeve is due on July 17th via Carpark Records. Not satisfied with one live release, however, the band will also be offering a free 7″ flexi (remember those?) of the track “Fall In” recorded the same night which will be available through certain retailers as a bundle with Attack on Memory.

Insound’s got it all available for preorder now!

The band will also be playing a few gigs soon, as part of the CBGB, Pitchfork and FYF Festivals. All dates and tracklisting for Live at Grog Shop can be found below.

Oh, and here’s a clip from that gig of the band absolutely KILLING “No Future/No Past.”


1. Intro
2. Stay Useless
3. Cut You
4. Wasted Days
5. Our Plans
6. No Sentiment
7. No Future/No Past
8. Can’t Stay Awake
9. Forget You All The Time


7/7 – New York, NY – CBGB Festival
7/14 – Chicago, IL – Pitchfork Music Festival
7/15 – Louisville, KY – Forecastle Festival
7/16 – St. Louis, MO – The Luminary Center for the Arts
7/17 – Iowa City, WA – Gabe’s Oasis
7/19 – Denver, CO – Underground Music Showcase
7/21 – Portland, OR – Bunk Bar
7/22 – Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill Block Party
9/1-2 – Los Angeles, CA – FYF Festival
9/27 – Champaign, IL – Pygmalion Music Festival

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