Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else (2014)

Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else (2014)

There was this wigged-out redhead named Vicki (why not?) we used to hang out with sometimes. I can’t remember whose friend she was but she had terrible skin, an inverted lisp and a scotch-taped picture of “her boyfriend, Lint” she used to take out of her wallet and kiss.

She was also an amateur chemist.

One day, with nothing to do, she pulled a prescription bottle out of her purse.

“You guys should try this.”

“What is it?”

“I made it. It’s totally safe. It’s like methamphetamines only two of the molecules are changed so it’s not illegal and you won’t be up for, like, days.”


We each took three.

I’m fuzzy on what happened next. I know Vicki left. I know Justin and Doug stayed. There must have been girls but their faces have dissipated. Olivier and Sean got involved for some reason. Rob, maybe? At some point, I think, we were at the Gladis place and somebody started crying and there was a six-toed cat and shadow boxing and then “The Slant” and my whole scalp was crazy tingly.

No, “The Slant” was another evening.

I know we went bowling somewhere in Berlin. In fact, other than the drugs, that’s the only thing that’s certain though I’ll be goddamned if I can remember the name of the place. Some hard luck haven for Saturday Night Christians and Coors Light.

I know I went and bullied up the jukebox, alternating “It’s So Easy” and “Deadbeat Club” for as many times as a ten would get me. I know we danced and we sang and we smoked and we bowled and I hit myself in the head with a ten-pound ball because, duh, of course I did and then “Deadbeat Club” cut abruptly for Journey and we bailed.

We tried to ditch Sean, I think, to be dicks but failed and so the lot of us ended up crashing on the floor of Olivier’s room and in the morning we met his mother. She was British and had bagels and I could barely wrap my head around the fact that I spoke English let alone whether or not I preferred my everything toasted. Olivier was sober and amused. I’m sure somebody threw up. Maybe most of us.

If we did, she didn’t let on about it and probably wouldn’t, now even if prodded.

That’s assuming, of course, she remembers it. Why would she? I rarely do and I was there in my preening, screaming, defining primacy.

I mean, it was fun. Of course it was fun. Young drugs are fun. Road trips are fun. Bowling is fun. But fun doesn’t, necessarily, make a meaningful human experience (even with the angst and damage thrown in) and the more I recall the events of that evening, the less connected I feel to them.

And that’s fine.

Every night’s not a madeleine.

Here and Nowhere Else Tracklist:
01. Now Hear In
02. Quieter Today
03. Psychic Trauma
04. Just See Fear
05. Giving Into Seeing
06. No Thoughts
07. Pattern Walks
08. I’m Not Part Of Me

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