Circa Survive – Blue Sky Noise Circa Survive – Blue Sky Noise

Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

Circa Survive get their first crack at a big record label album after signing on with Atlantic Records. Sitting snug with a slew of Atlantic performers such as O.A.R., Gnarls Barkley, Kid Rock, and Rob Thomas can only feel outlandish at best. Blue Sky Noise certainly is a prototypical album that only a big honcho label could deliver, but in this case it works well.
Anthony Green, lead singer, has often been likened to a pre-pubescent boy with the way he sings. Not too much of a difference this time around, if that is going to be your selling point this is a warning. The rest of his emo-punk outfit brings the noise. Deep boring bass lines that drill holes in your ear canals accompany striking guitars that draw comparisons from At The Drive-In.
The first single off of Blue Sky appears two tracks deep, titled “Get Out”. A frenzied yet controlled pace unleashes Green’s (whining) screams overlapping skillful finger wizardry and driving beats. The style found in “Spirit Of The Stairwell” exploits an acoustic strumming pattern with hazy electric filler and softened vocals. The bulk of these tracks make this album seem like a mainstay on the Billboard charts.
The drawing point of this record should be the instrumentation. Bassist Nick Beard wants you to make sure you know he is around on nearly every track. His cohorts on guitar, Colin Frangicetto and Brendan Eckstrom, use alternating axes and levels to shade in powerful pigments of sound. The drums are mastered high, yet exactly where they should be. A complete package of instrumental collaboration makes that aspect delectable to a listener not familiar with the band. Of course to some, the vocal performance can be a deal breaker.
Pouring in at just under 50 minutes Blue Sky Noise contains presumably what is expected of it from Atlantic. Clear-cut singles, a small amount of filler to act as a pace changer, and a very tightly mastered and performed album. Surely, barriers will not be blown down but Circa Survive is encouraging in their effort. Contemporary rock is hard to get right most days. The state of the genre is wilting; this will perk it up just a tiny bit more.

Track List:
1. Strange Terrain
2. Get Out
3. Glass Arrows
4. I Felt Free
5. Imaginary Enemy
6. Through the Desert Alone
7. Frozen Creek
8. Fever Dreams
9. Spirit of the Stairwell
10. The Longest Mile
11. Compendium
12. Dyed in the Wool

Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise, reviewed by Baer on 2010-05-17T01:01:30-07:00 rating 3.3 out of 5

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