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Chromeo - Business Casual

Chromeo - Business Casual

Chromeo is the pinnacle of over-the-top musicianship.  Every track is laced with keytar, synths, talk boxes and sexually charged lyrics.  It’s impossible to take the duo of Dave 1 and P-Thugg seriously.  Just looking at their names you would think they are two thugs ready to rob a convenience store at any time to keep up with their street cred.  In reality, the two look like a couple of high school misfits who have created a brand new persona for themselves.  In recent pictures, Dave 1 is bordering on hipster looking.  Oddly enough, this works well as the idea of their band is ironic in every way from their names, to lyrics to music videos.  If you know Chromeo’s past work, it should be no surprise that once you hit play on the record you are greeted with extremely cheesy, 80’s synth-rock laden with sexual innuendo.  It’s the whole Chromeo package that makes us secretly love them so much.  The two have fallen into their rolls extremely well and by now they may actually believe they are the people they sing about.  It’s been 3 years since we have had a proper album from Chromeo and Business Casual is another solid release.  If you don’t pay attention to any lyrics, the songs sound like typical 80’s love ballads while they are anything but.  What makes Chromeo stand out is how they include extravagant lyrics to put a different spin on the typical love song dynamic.  They don’t create sappy songs but ones that are so outrageous you simply have to laugh.  In “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” Dave 1 insists on hooking up with girls only in the dark.  The first track talks about being suffocated by a girl who is a hot mess.  “The Right Type” has an 80’s themed guitar solo that brings back memories of the Top Gun theme song to complement lyrics about a girl who needs to find the right guy.

I’m torn as to what I want from this band.  On one hand, it’s comforting to know that the lovable Chromeo sound is guaranteed to be on every track.  On the other hand, it’s nothing new that we haven’t heard from them already.  I could not get through the album all at once because all the songs started to sound the same.  Dave 1 and P-Thugg have once again done a great job with the message they wanted to send.  It would be unfair to hold them to the standards we would of normal bands.  Let’s be honest, Chromeo was never meant to be a masterpiece that transcended genres and made political statements.   They were just meant to be two guys who sing about relationships and make absurd music videos about grinding on girls all night.

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  • Keaton says:

    Excellent writeup. I completely agree – Chromeo certainly have the formula down, but it seems like it’s the formula that might be the detriment. If you’re interested in my thoughts on Business Casual, checkout my review at!

  • Weston says:

    A great CD.

  • durfffy says:

    Hey, I just read an article about the making of Chromeo’s third CD “Business Casual”. They recorded it in a studio called MetroSonic in Brooklyn, NY. It was really interesting and filled a bunch of insight on the gear P-Thugg and Dave 1 used. If you would like to read the article for yourself, check it out here.