Chrome Canyon To Release ELEMENTAL REMIXES Chrome Canyon To Release ELEMENTAL REMIXES

elementalremixesHoly god. Chrome Canyon’s 2012 release Elemntal Themes was perhaps the one album that was played in constant rotation. Like soundtracks to 80’s films that never existed, this collection of moody synthscapes was an underrated fire gem which burned slowly in the corner of 2012. Stones Throw Records is currently gearing up for a followup remix record to try and stake the album’s claim once again. Peaking Lights, Tomas Barfod, Gavin Rusom, Mike Simonetti, ATTAR!, Matthewdavid, Airbird, Eclectic Method, Saarid, Freak You, and Chateau Marmont all dawn technicolor robes and prepare to board to sand cruiser. Listen to the sample and prepare to have your mind erased.

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