Chocolate Genius Inc – Swansongs Chocolate Genius Inc – Swansongs

Chocolate Genius - Swansongs

Chocolate Genius - Swansongs

Chocolate Genius Inc. has created a truly perplexing album with Swansongs.

Chocolate Genius – When I Lay You Down

The overall feel of the record is that of longing and heartbreak. Mellow, beautiful, sad, songs about love. Every time you allow yourself to get comfortable and fall into the music, along comes a song so bizarre that it seems very out of place. Yet, this is the very nature of heartbreak; it doesn’t make sense, nothing seems right and every once in a while anger or happiness break through. They might be brief lapses in the process, but Chocolate Genius includes them, whereas most musicians just focus on the sadness of losing love.

The album starts out with “When She Smiles” and “Enough For You.” Both are gorgeously melodic, evoking the feeling of love and loss. Both convey the wonder in a specific person, and a wandering of the heart. These are songs of true emotion, complete bewilderment, passion and damage. They set you up for nothing other than heartbreak.

Then… out of nowhere comes “Like a Nurse.” It almost seems to fit in with the previous two songs. It’s a slow ballad, with just a piano, lead and harmonizing vocals. But there’s just something so unnerving about it.  It becomes apparent, as with so many other songs on this record that the genesis of its disturb lies within the lyrics. “Tina Turner must have been 95 years old when you brought the ship to church” for instance. Or, as in the case with “Lump”… “You fucking communist, you fucking thrift store shopper.” These songs, interspersed with clear devotion to love illustrate the true state of mind of a man very distraught by its absence.

This very theme comes to a culminating end with “Ready Now.” Not only are we dealing with a songwriter who professes to be over love, but possibly one who is saying he is done with life in general. If nothing else, it’s an honest account of the pain of love. Sometimes we honestly don’t want to go on. It’s actually refreshing to hear an artist convey this. It’s a human reaction that a lot of musicians shy from. “Scared to live, not afraid to die… I’m ready now.”

Chocolate Genius Inc - Swansongs, reviewed by Daniel G on 2010-10-29T12:28:26-07:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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